Baby on the move: Practical tips for traveling with a baby this festive season

Family holidays are the maker of memories that last a lifetime, especially if your children are young. But what about when you have a baby? Going on holiday with a baby is totally doable – it just takes a little bit of planning and preparation. Keeping a few handy essentials in your baby bag will ensure safety for baby – and minimal stress for mom and dad.

Travelling by road
Many parents with babies find travel by road less stressful than flying, as it’s less noisy, easier to work around feeding and nappy changing schedules, and baby is exposed to fewer people. If you’re travelling by road this festive season, make sure that you have a safe, rear-facing car seat for baby to sit in. Don’t be tempted to keep baby on your lap – it’s dangerous for both of you.

One of the most important things you’ll need is a Baby On Board sign for the car. This sign alerts other drivers to be cautious around you. Safety 1st Baby On Board Sign (From R44.99) is made from durable material and attaches easily to your car window.

Navigating new accommodation
Some accommodation is more baby-friendly than others, but chances are that nowhere you stay will be as baby-proof as your own home. If your baby is of crawling or walking age, you may want to pack a few home safety products to avoid unnecessary accidents. These can easily be attached in your temporary accommodation and removed and taken home when your holiday ends.

One of the biggest home hazards is plug sockets. Safety 1st Outlet Plug Protectors 12 Pack (From R49.99) is an essential. Made with rounded edges that are child-resistant, these durable plastic gadgets fit snugly into an electrical socket, sealing it and protecting baby from electrocution.

While your home may be sharp-edge-proof, your holiday accommodation likely isn’t, with the edges of tables, counters, and other furniture exposed. Safety 1st Corner Cushion 4 Pack (From R47.99) contains four foam bumpers that are easily applied to tables, counters, and other home furniture to soften the sharp corners and help protect your baby from bump-induced injuries.

If you’ve booked baby-friendly accommodation, chances are you’ll be provided with a cot for the baby to sleep in. However, if you’re staying at an Air BnB or with friends, you might not have that luxury and may have no choice but to let your little one share your bed. If that’s the case, be sure to pack a bed rail. Safety 1st Bed Rail (From R719.99) the see-through net allows you to watch him/her sleeping. It is very safe and simple to use, with easy access to the bed when folded down.

Being prepared for anything

The saying “prepare for the worst but hope for the best” is relevant to all situations, including going on holiday. While chances are that everyone will stay healthy, you do not want to get caught off guard if your baby gets sick, or in the event of minor injuries like scratches, bumps, or burns. Sudocrem (From R209.99 for 400g) is a multi-purpose cream that no baby bag can be without. It contains an emollient that soothes your baby’s delicate skin. It can be used as a bum cream because of its water-repellent base that provides barrier protection, helping to stop any irritants from coming into contact with the skin. Until 11 December, you’ll receive a free 60g tub of Sudocrem when you purchase the 400g tub – exclusive to Dis-Chem.

Make sure that you have basic healthcare tools such as a thermometer and medicine dropper in your baby bag when travelling. Safety 1st Healthcare Kit (From R269.99) features baby healthcare essentials, conveniently packed in a reversible case. The kit contains a soft-grip toothbrush, a new-born nasal aspirator, a medicine dropper with spill guard, a digital thermometer, and an emergency contact card.

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