Expecting in style: A look into Woolworths’ latest line of maternity wear

Make these precious months your most comfortable and fashion-forward yet. Woolworths launched a new line of maternity wear under the label Maternity. With neutral and bold tones – an array of striking prints – the line is crafted using only the highest quality materials and tailoring for silhouettes that support and celebrate the body.

The Maternity line will include all essentials to live and work comfortably without compromising style. With jeans, denim shorts, tunics, joggers, jeggings, and even nursing tops, the line is the definitive answer for every occasion. And while the range will reflect the uncompromising quality that Woolworths has come to be known for, it will also be affordable and accessible.

“Woolworths understands how important and magical this time is for all women,” says Shaheda Sayed, Head of Woolworths Brand Communications, “and this line of maternity wear really reflects that. With comfort and style at the top of our minds, we crafted a line that every mother-to-be will enjoy.”

As we all know, maternity wear can be difficult for women to find and enjoy. Not all options are always comfortable, nor are they made with care. Along with the fact that for most expecting women they’re dressing a completely new – and changing – body, it can be a challenging part of pregnancy. The Maternity line at Woolworths is the answer. With superb tailoring and innovative fabrics, women can enjoy garments that really work with their bodies.

No matter where you are or what you’re doing, enjoy every moment of your pregnancy in style and comfort. The Maternity line launched at selected Woolworths stores across the country and is also available to shop online. 

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