Pioneers of the slow fashion movement, N3YH, offers moms and babies matching mommy and me sets that are both fashionable and sustainable. This eco-friendly brand embodies comfort and style. N3YH creates their signature baby rompers from fabric waste used in their collections, so that moms and babies can both wear the softest bamboo fabrics and matching prints. Launched exclusively in 2022, N3YH produces quality clothing that is proudly and ethically made in Cape Town, South Africa.

As an eco-luxe lifestyle brand, N3YH’s passion is invested in making sure that they do their part in the sustainable slow fashion revolution. Consumers of the brand can pride themselves in buying and wearing well-thought-of garments which take into account nature, well-being and future longevity.

To keep to their sustainability mantra, N3YH produces hair scrunchies, laundry bags and their signature baby rompers from the leftover pieces of fabric so that moms and babies can match whilst lounging about. The brand believes that you have the privilege of a sustainable choice, and by wearing the brand you are choosing to be part of the slow fashion revolution.

N3YH founder Tanja Merlo explains the philosophy of the brand: “We aim to make sustainability fashionable by using only recyclable material and fabrics like bamboo. All women are invited to not only look good and feel good in our gear but also do good whilst matching with their babies.”

N3YH has a loungewear, activewear and summer pyjama range made from the softest bio-based bamboo fabric which ensures a cooling, smooth and breathable feeling on the skin – giving you the ultimate comfort you deserve after a long day of being a mom and ensuring your baby is comfortable when sleeping and playing around.

Become a part of a lifestyle which allows you to be both tranquil and effective and visit the N3YH store at 74 Main Road, Paarl, or shop the online store today by visiting www.n3yh.com.

For more exciting news and updates of N3YH, be sure to follow them on their social media platforms: Instagram: @n3yh.official | Tik Tok: @n3yh.official

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