Esse launches 30-day Trial / Travel Set for new customers and regular travelers

For those looking for a more results-driven and sustainable skincare regime, Esse has launched its innovative Trial / Travel Sets, each containing a 30-day supply. Each comprehensive pack, which is also ideal for those requiring travel sized products, will help rewild the skin and restore balance in a sustainable manner.

“There is a big shift in the traditional mindset of skincare as people start to understand the importance of rewilding the skin with organic, microbiome-friendly products rather than the synthetic ingredients used in industrial beauty,” explained Esse founder and biochemist, Trevor Steyn. “We want to provide an option for customers to try out the Esse range to find out what best suits their unique skin needs. Because Esse seeks to restore the skin’s natural microbiome, we expect a visible improvement after 30 days.” 

The Esse Trial Pack is available in three options for Sensitive, Oily / Combination, and Dry skin. These consist of four products each, delivering a complete skincare routine with a targeted treatment product. New users are encouraged to start with the Sensitive Range before moving on to the other sets once the skin has adjusted. However, all sets have been laid out to support every skin type with clear instructions on product use.  

Sensitive Skin includes:

• Esse Sensitive Cleanser 50ml

• Esse Sensitive Mist 30ml

• Esse Hydro Moisturiser 20ml

• Esse Protect Oil 12ml

Oily / Combination Skin includes:

• Esse Gel Cleanser 50ml

• Esse Hydrating Mist 30ml

• Esse Deep Moisturiser 20ml

• Esse Hyaluronic Serum 12ml

Dry Skin includes:

• Esse Cream Cleanser 50ml

• Esse Biome Mist 30ml

• Esse Rich Moisturiser 20ml

• Esse Repair Oil 12ml

As is central to Esse’s brand ethos and values, the Trial / Travel Sets have been launched with sustainability at their core. This includes glass bottles for the products, all housed within a fully biodegradable tray made from 100% sugarcane bagasse which has a low embodied carbon and will compost in around 30 days. The Trial / Travel box itself is also fully recyclable.

To buy the Esse Trial / Travel Set or find out more about rewilding your skin and how Esse can help, visit

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