MAVALA: Six ways to grow longer, stronger eyelashes

Long, thick and strong eyelashes are the envy of every woman. We are always on a quest to find the best lengthening and volumizing mascaras and sometimes we even go as far applying false lashes in a bid to achieve the length we’re after.

It only takes two minutes of scrolling through articles on Google to come across some pretty bizarre (and sometimes dangerous) ways to grow longer lashes. From applying lemon juice (please do not try this – ever!) to massaging your lash line, the internet is filled with tips and tricks that sadly have no proven efficacy, and may actually cause harm in the process. 

The truth is, that even those of us who were not naturally blessed with long and thick lashes have a shot at growing them naturally, if we follow the right care, techniques and use good quality products. Here’s how.

  1. Only use gentle products on your eyes

When you’re trying to grow your lashes, the best thing you can do is to replace any harsh products you may be using around the eye area, with gentler ones. And the best place to start is with your makeup remover. Some makeup removers are harsh – and understandably so, we want them to remove all traces of eye makeup. However, this is not conducive to growing longer and stronger lashes. Use a gentle makeup remover like MAVALA Total Bi-Phase Eye Make-Up Remover (R275.00) which allows for effective eye makeup removal without rubbing or tugging.

The 2-phase formula is a combination of oils, which gives it remarkable cleansing effectiveness, and Alpine water for an instant sensation of freshness. Its oil-in-water texture gently removes all makeup, even water-resistant. It is the ideal choice for sensitive eyes.

  1. Avoid using eyelash curlers and false lashes

When used incorrectly, an eyelash curler can actually harm lashes, and in reality, most of us have not yet mastered the technique. While trying to grow your lashes, it’s better to avoid curling them as it may cause unwanted damage. The same goes for applying false lashes. Have you ever felt pain or discomfort when pulling your falsies off after a night out? That’s because the glues we use are not good for our skin or our hair follicles, and have the potential to cause long-term damage when used regularly.

  1. Don’t rub your eyes – ever

As tempting as it is to rub your eyes when removing your makeup, or when seasonal allergies kick in, it’s best avoided if you’re trying to grow your lashes. Eyelashes are naturally fine and delicate, and friction from rubbing can lead to them being ripped out of their follicles. Always be extra gentle when removing makeup or touching your eyes.

  1. Brush your eyelashes

When we brush the hair on our head, it helps the oil produced by our scalp to travel down the hair shaft and naturally moisturise and nourish the length of the hair. The same is true for our lashes. Use a clean, unused mascara wand (these are readily available from pharmacies and beauty stores) to gently brush your lashes from root to tip, a couple of times per week. This will distribute oil through the lengths of your lashes and help prevent breakage and dryness.

  1. Take the right supplements

A healthy and balanced diet will help improve the health of your lashes, but if you really want to improve their growth it’s time to introduce a supplement into your daily regime. Biotin is widely used to strengthen and protect hair, as well as to prevent hair loss. You could also take some omega-3 oils as these are very hydrating for hair, thereby encouraging growth. 

  1. Apply MAVALA Double Lash daily

For stronger, denser lashes, you need to invest in a good quality lash growth treatment. MAVALA Double Lash is the lash growth treatment product you’ve been looking for. It contains a natural extract rich in vitamins and proteins that strengthen, cover and protect the lashes so that they can become healthy, long and resistant to damage and breakage.

Key ingredients include snail secretion filtrate, a natural extract rich in vitamins, proteins and glycolic acid that stimulates hair growth and reduces its fall. It also contains Biolysate from lactic ferments to moisturise and nourish the epidermis, thereby stimulating healthy hair growth.

This treatment can be applied every night. Be sure to remove all makeup before gently brushing the formula on the lash line. When used daily, you will begin to see results after about 30 days. What can you expect? Longer, denser, fuller and silkier lashes. 9093101A (4)

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