Say hello to a healthy scalp with the NEW Kérastase Symbiose Range

In the fight against dandruff, a revolutionary, synergistic approach provides a luxury experience,  care and a new level of confidence.

Everyone knows the state of your hair can give you an edge. A mane of polished, healthy-looking hair manifests power, a signal to the world of strength and ambition. Visible flakes are just not a part of the picture of confidence. Dandruff can be a bit embarrassing, making you feel less than your best off your game.

Two billion women today are dealing with dandruff, yet only 17% of them use dandruff-targeting hair products*. What is wrong with this picture? It’s because women seek the solutions they need in the wrong places and end up with foul smelling hair that is stripped and bare.  What women need is anti-dandruff haircare, packed with sensorially and true care for hair that does not compromise the fibre. This they can get from Kerastase Symbiose.


After listening closely to women’s feelings and concerns around dandruff, they’ve decided to lead with luxury and to take an entirely fresh approach that can help women everywhere feel more confident and beautiful as they pursue their dreams. Kérastase is synergizing the forces of advanced science with a truly luxurious, beautifying haircare experience in one customizable range that is safe and effective against dandruff. The synergistic solution combines the instant elimination of visible dandruff with the regulation of surface cellular renewal speed to bring the scalp into balance, along with a desired dose of care for beautiful, healthy-looking hair.

Kérastase, they listen to women, not the market.
So, when they decided to launch an anti-dandruff solution, it was no exception. They wanted to understand women, how they felt, what they liked about the existing products, and what they felt was missing. They combined that intimate understanding with our unique knowledge of haircare science to offer something entirely new: a powerful, productive anti-dandruff solution combined with luxurious care.

As a result of over a decade of scientific research, Symbiose redefines the anti-dandruff game, going more profound at the scalp surface cellular level. They discovered that surface cell renewal speed is twice as fast on a scalp with dandruff than without. Dead cells build up and become visible: that’s dandruff. Powered by bio-affinity science and using the best skincare actives from Kérastase, Symbiose not only acts to eliminate dandruff instantly, it regulates the speed of scalp surface cellular renewal to eliminate it over the long term, with up to 7 weeks between washes to maintain the effect**. 

Beyond superior efficacy, the Kérastase magic is the unique alliance of ultimate science and a luxury experience. A true luxury experience. With sensual yet breathable formulas that envelop the fibre to replenish moisture deeply. With a delicate fragrance, as always. And so, their care is incomparable. It conveys the unique, indulgent experience of Kérastase, letting women know that just because they have dandruff doesn’t mean they can’t have luxurious care. They shot their Symbiose campaign with the world-renowned Inez & Vinoodh to embody this vision, illustrating a modern take on human connection and the power of alliance.  

Discover the new anti-dandruff haircare by Kérastase.

Scalp Renewal Exfoliating Anti-dandruff Scalp Scrub – RRSP – R665-00
This twice-weekly, anti-dandruff exfoliating scalp scrub purifies and soothes the sensitive scalp, removes scalp surface dead skin cells & build-up, and helps eliminate symptoms of dandruff. It is formulated with salicylic acid for anti-dandruff efficacy and plant-based beads to exfoliate dead skin cells and remove visible flakes instantly. The scalp is purified without stripping, roots are lifted, and hair is revitalized.

Bain Crème Antipelliculaire Antidandruff Shampoo – RRSP – R550-00
Powered by a unique synergy of 3 actives that work in affinity with the scalp, anti-dandruff efficacy is reinvented at cellular level to prevent dandruff from reappearing and replenishing fiber moisture for ultimate hair health.

Bain Purete Anti-Pelliculaire – RRSP – R550-00
A caring yet breathable foaming formula removes dandruff and flakes while preventing oil-build-up. The scalp is purified. Hair is replenished with hydration, supple, with no weigh down. Instantly exfoliates and removes visible dandruff & flakes on the scalp without stripping fiber​. Texture: a transparent liquid formula with natural yellow undertones. With Piroctone Olamine & Salicylic Acid.

Fondant Apaisant Essentiel Hydrating Conditioner – RRSP – R550-00
This daily, silicone-free for natural feel hydrating conditioner soothes the scalp, strengthens hair, and provides moisture with a lightweight formula that doesn’t weigh hair down. Formulated with Bifidus, this conditioner perfectly pairs with our Bain Crème Antipelliculare Anti-dandruff Shampoo.

Revitalisant Essentiel Hydrating Hair Mask – RRSP – R795-00
This hydrating hair mask deeply hydrates and strengthens dry hair. It features a luxuriously rich formula to provide intense nourishment and strength, leaving hair feeling softer and with 2X more shine**. It is formulated with squalane, known to provide added moisture. This hair mask perfectly pairs with our Bain Crème Antipelliculare Anti-dandruff Shampoo.

Serum Nuit Antipelliculaire Anti-dandruff Night Serum – RRSP – R1380-00
This daily, anti-dandruff night serum soothes and hydrates the scalp & hair prone to dandruff. Easy to use and a great way to recharge overnight, this highly concentrated night serum is formulated with salicylic acid, a powerful active ingredient to help eliminate the symptoms of dandruff. It is ideal at night as it provides effective anti-dandruff care and gives you softer, shinier, 2X more hydrated hair** while you sleep.

Symbiose Anti-Dandruff Ingredients

PIROCTONE OLAMINE – durably acts on causes of dandruff.

Going deeper in the long-haul fight against dandruff, piroctone olamine reduces the prevalence of dandruff by giving a healthier scalp with lower surface cell turnover.

SALICYLIC ACID -helps dissolve flakes – acts on consequences of dandruff. A powerful exfoliator and skincare favourite, salicylic acid acts on the immediate consequences of dandruff by sliding between the skin surface cells to dissolve the proteins that link them together. Once detached, the dead cells are easier to eliminate, leading to instant exfoliation and reducing visible dandruff instantly.

BIFIDUS – favours a healthy scalp ecosystem. Bifidus makes for the perfect ally to favour a healthy scalp ecosystem. It helps to strengthen the scalp-skin barrier and boosts the production of proteins involved in scalp defenses.

With Symbiose, they dare to define a new era of care that extends to everything we do. 
Caring for hair and, most importantly, for women. 
Kérastase remains committed to expanding its potential so that every woman can be her most confident and daring self.
When you dare, Kérastase care, always.
The Kérastase Symbiose range launches in April and will be available from leading hair salons or Superbalist.

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