Meta, the company responsible for Facebook and Instagram, is revolutionizing the world of social media with its latest innovation: Threads. This new app is rapidly gaining popularity and has already surpassed previous records with the number of downloads it has received. Created by the same team behind Facebook, Threads introduces a fresh approach to social networking by placing less emphasis on news and politics.

Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta has discovered that by downplaying politics and news, they can enhance the user experience and boost revenue. Threads shifts the focus away from intense debates and controversial news, and instead highlights things that users enjoy, such as celebrities, influencers, and personal connections, including photo sharing and chatting with friends and family. Meta’s ultimate goal is to transform Threads into a platform where users can have a pleasant time without being entangled in heated arguments or facing intense scrutiny for expressing their opinions.

Magriet Groenewald, Local Social Media Expert

Local social media expert, Magriet Groenewald, recently shared her opinion and input about Threads vs Twitter and how she sees it playing out. “Algorithms play a major role in shaping our social media experience, and Meta recognizes this fact. Facebook, for instance, made a deliberate choice to prioritize posts from friends and family over hard news, which has proven to keep users engaged and satisfied. Conversely, Twitter’s strength lies in its emphasis on politics and current events. Despite Meta’s efforts to fine-tune the Threads algorithm, experts like Alex Stamos, former chief security officer at Facebook, believe that as more Twitter users transition to Threads, it may eventually adopt a similar dynamic,” explains Groenewald.

Therefore, if Threads effectively diminishes negativity, users can anticipate a revitalizing and delightful online atmosphere. As news and politics take a backseat, Threads offers a wide variety of content to explore, such as updates from favourite influencers, hilarious memes, funny jokes, and light-hearted discussions.  

According to Magriet, Threads is a game-changer for establishing connections with customers and infusing that crucial human element into your brand. “Currently, you can’t monetize Threads, but there’s a strong possibility that this feature will be introduced in the near future. And believe me, it’s certainly something to look forward to,” she remarks.

Here’s why Magriet Groenewald is personally stoked about Threads:

  1. Meta, the powerhouse behind it all, has already proven itself to be a master at helping businesses achieve a positive ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) and acquire new users.
  2. Threads, in her opinion, is the next big thing for small businesses to tap into and attract a fresh wave of customers.

However, she warns against overlooking the opportunity to explore the wonders of this new app and how it can strengthen your connections with customers. “It’s time to dive in and experience firsthand the incredible benefits that Threads can bring to your business,” says Magriet.

Who’s going to come out tops? Well, according to Groenewald, Threads might just coexist with Twitter, like political parties learn to live with each other. “Threads is not claiming to take us anywhere new at this stage, but rather, it’s promising to take us back to a happier virtual home we once knew and loved”, she says.

With that being said, Threads is a breath of fresh air and a welcomed alternative to Twitter. It is highly likely to attract a massive following, just like every other app Meta has developed in the past.

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