Unstoppable Hair Hacks: Kayla Kim Kay Shares Secrets to Slay Perfect Hair Days, Even During Load Shedding

In a country where load shedding has become an unfortunate norm, we have been compelled to adapt and discover innovative solutions in various aspects of our lives. However, amidst the chaos and inconvenience, a glimmer of creativity has emerged, often overlooked: the spark ignited by these recurring power outages. With an astonishing 200 billion views, TikTok’s #beauty community has firmly established itself as a valuable destination for all your beauty needs. And when confronted with an unforeseen crisis like load shedding, TikTok proves to be a new lifesaver.

Kayla Kim Kay, a rising content creator and influential personality hailing from Cape Town, has embarked on an exciting venture with the launch of Afrocurl. Kayla aims to inspire individuals to embrace their natural hair and find joy in their own unique beauty. With a strong commitment to inclusivity and relatability, Afrocurl offers organic formulations and products that cater specifically to the needs of natural hair enthusiasts.

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We had the pleasure of sitting down with Kayla, who gladly shared her #TikTokThatsHau hair hacks. During our conversation, she unveiled the secrets to maintaining flawless hair, even in the face of load shedding.

  • Quick Fixes for Bad Hair Days: When dealing with curly hair, Kayla recommends using water, a comb/brush, and good hair products as quick fixes during load shedding.
  • Air Drying and Moisture Retention: Kayla’s hair is dependent on air drying, so she emphasises the importance of using alternative methods like using an old T-shirt to dry hair without damaging it. This helps retain moisture and leaves the hair looking hydrated.
  • Avoid Dry Combing and Detangling: Kayla advises against combing and detangling curls and coils when they are dry, as it can lead to damage and breakage. Instead, she suggests doing it when the hair is damp to prevent brittleness and breakage.
  • Be Mindful of Hairstyle Tension: Traction alopecia, caused by constant pulling and tugging on the hair, can result from tight hairstyles. Kayla recommends incorporating hairstyles that do not require excessive tension to allow the hair to rest and recover.
  • Leave-In Conditioner and Oil Sealing: To retain moisture, Kayla stresses the importance of applying a leave-in conditioner before sealing it with oil-based products. However, she notes that applying natural oils daily can hinder the hair’s natural oil production, which is essential for healthy growth.

South African creators like Kayla have shared valuable #TikTokThatsHau hacks to enhance daily life and navigate challenging times, such as load shedding, which have resonated with users. TikTok has also witnessed a growing interest in educational content, with users actively searching for various tips and tricks in different categories, resulting in significant views on topics such as food, beauty, life hacks, DIY, and education.

The #TikTokThatsHau hashtag has collected more than 100M views since the launch of the campaign in June, unveiling a treasure trove of diverse content, invaluable information, and profound connections that TikTok has to offer. The campaign reinforces the platform’s commitment to earning the community’s trust and demonstrating its utility and relevance for users over the age of 13.

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