Clueless Moms Empower Parents in Managing Eczema at “Learn and Play” Event

Clueless Moms has teamed up with renowned dermatological skincare brand Bioderma for their upcoming event, “Learn and Play,” designed to inform and empower parents in managing the common skin condition, Eczema while their children play. The event will be held on 20 August 2023 at “Ground The Venue” in Gauteng.

Clueless Moms, founded by Dr Katlego Lekalakala, is a leading initiative empowering woman with accessible and relatable information on maternal health and childcare. The initiative hosts events, offers educational resources, and facilitates connections to help moms thrive in their motherhood journey.

Bioderma, the lead sponsor, will provide attendees with specially curated Eczema kits featuring their innovative Atoderm range. This range is formulated to effectively manage and nourish dry to atopic skin, offering parents the necessary tools to address their child’s Eczema concerns.

Dr Katlego Lekalakala

Meagan Olevano, Bioderma’s Head of Brand and Medical Marketing, will be a featured speaker at the event. Meagan’s expertise alongside Specialist Dermatologist, Dr Bonolo Mushiana will guide attendees through the proper use and benefits of Bioderma’s Atoderm range, equipping parents with practical tips and advice on caring for atopic skin.

“We are excited to partner with Bioderma for our ‘Learn and Play’ event, focusing on Eczema management,” said Dr Katlego Lekalakala, Founder of Clueless Moms. “Bioderma’s commitment to developing gentle and effective skincare solutions aligns perfectly with our mission of empowering parents. Together, we aim to provide attendees with the support they need in navigating the challenges of Eczema.”

The “Learn and Play” event offers a bespoke 3 course lunch for adults, picnic lunch and interactive activities for their toddlers, educational sessions, and networking opportunities for parents. The event will be styled by their Event partner and renowned event planner agency. Maverick Events.

Limited spots are available, and early registration is recommended to secure a place. For more information and to register, please email Stay updated by following Clueless Moms on Instagram (@cluelessmoms_za).

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