Introducing Woodstock Laundry – The sustainable choice for the whole family

Taking slow fashion from Carnaby Street to Cape Town

In a world of fast fashion, it can be challenging to find good quality, hand-crafted sleepwear and loungewear that is not only beautiful, but also durable and sustainable.

Enter Woodstock Laundry, a Cape Town-based fashion brand known for their premium sleepwear, loungewear, underwear and shirts. This sustainable brand merges the laid back spirit of Cape Town with the old school factory culture of London town, all while living and breathing the slow fashion movement.

At Woodstock Laundry, quality reigns supreme. Their premium garments are artisinally hand-crafted in Cape Town by a passionate team who designs and constructs each item in-house. What sets these garments apart? Each item is designed to be light, yet substantial, warm yet breathable, cool but timeless.

Girls Palm Beach Short Pajamas
Boys Long Flannel Pajamas – Navy with White Piping

That’s what happens when you combine a keen eye for design with quality materials and an eco-conscious outlook. Woodstock Laundry garments embrace the slow fashion movement, not only because it’s better for the environment, but also because it results in a better quality product.

Time and care is put into the construction of each bespoke garment. The pace at which each item is crafted is the very same pace you’ll want to embody when you’re wearing the garments.

Shaky Pink Short Pajamas

From leopards to florals to palm trees, Woodstock Laundry fabrics boast the most beautiful and unique prints. The brand works closely with local artists who are commissioned to create their unique print designs, which are printed on premium organic cotton.

Each item is designed to be as comfortable as possible. Woodstock Laundry’s sleepwear is not only for sleeping in, but also for living in. These are items to lounge in when you’re at home watching a movie, reading a book or playing games with your family. Comfort is a top priority, because these garments are designed to live and relax in.

Woodstock Laundry goes above and beyond to ensure sustainability is at the heart of every step in the creative process. This includes the use of eco-friendly corozo buttons and sustainably sourced organic cotton. But it doesn’t end there. They’re also passionately involved in supporting the local industry and community and in protecting the legacy of clothing manufacture in Cape Town.

The factory employs over 15 local seamstresses and artisans in Woodstock, some of whom have been with the company for over 20 years! Fair wages and decent working conditions are at the heart of their business, and it shows in the unrivalled craftsmanship of each and every item. From commissioning local artists for the print designs, to employing highly skilled local pattern-makers, cutters and seamstresses, Woodstock Laundry is committed to supporting local artisans.

The range caters for the whole family, with a variety of sleepwear and loungewear items on offer for men, women and children.

Woodstock Laundry garments are available for purchase at the Watershed Market at the V & A Waterfront in Cape Town, and online here.

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