It’s not uncommon to see ‘natural’ and ‘green’ plastered across every cosmetic product these days. Unfortunately, these marketing buzzwords don’t often reflect the ingredients and practices behind most makeup labels.


Blush Lula Fox
75% Organic, gluten free and Vegan. Producing a natural look – this formula perfectly mimics the colour that your cheeks turn when you’re naturally flushed. These soft, natural shades are loaded with natural ingredients to help nourish and protect while looking your best.






Botanical Lipstick Lula Fox
85% Organic, gluten free and Vegan. Organic anti-oxidant rich Jojoba, Avocado and Coconut oils deeply nourish and moisture lips. Naturally derived Organic Butters (Mango, Cocoa and Capuacu) are soothing, hydrating and also have  regenerative properties to help heal dry lips and improve elasticity. Preservativefree formula.




Eye Pencil Liner Lula Fox
All Natural and Vegetarian. Each Pencil glides on smoothly to define a perfect line. *The eye pencils are not Vegan because
of the use of Beeswax. This is considered to be Vegetarian.


Facial Cleanser & Makeup
Remover Ecologic
Ecologic’s Facial Cleanser is a gentle, yet effective cleanser for daily use. The milk-like formula is half cream cleanser and half oil cleanser, gently mopping up excess oils and impurities while moisturising the skin.
200ml for R215



Pure Wild Volumising Mascara Hey Gorgeous Skincare

This Gorgeous mascara’s delivery system coats lashes, one luxurious layer at a time for full, clump-free, water-resistant definition.
30ml for R150




Mineral Powder (Loose) Claudine Inthusiasm
Reflects light thus softening lines. Antiseptic, as well as regeneration and protective qualities with a sun-protection factor of 17. Trace amounts of Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide have anti-inflammatory qualities and natural minerals masks the appearance of lines and is gentle on sensitive skin.
14g for R286



All Set Makeup Setting Mist Hey Gorgeous Skincare
Instantly hydrate, revive and soothes skin wherever you go. This invigorating face spray is energised with electrolytes and Rosewater, and immediately boosts skin’s radiance. Mist skin before applying makeup to help it set and reapply throughout the day to refresh.
250ml for R205



ESSE Foundation ESSE

The natural skin illuminator offers light to medium coverage with a natural finish. Esse’s LEVEL 3 BIOME+ technology boosts your skin’s microbiome with prebiotic and probiotic ingredients and a SPF 30 natural skin defence
30ml for R596