If there is one thing that the past two years has taught us, it’s how to make sure that our homes are clean and sanitised. “Our cleaning habits have definitely improved but the truth is there are places that germs like to accumulate and hide that we hardly ever consider cleaning,” explains Mario Correia, brand manager for Milton. “We sometimes only focus on the big items in our homes, the ones we see every day, when in truth there are still germs lurking elsewhere.”

Making use of a cleaning agent such as Milton’s Sterilising Surface Spray to kill 99.9% of known germs within five minutes gives you the peace of mind that your home is clean and safe from germs. Knowing where to spray it, other than the kitchen counter, is a step towards having a thoroughly clean home.

Correia has identified the following five locations and objects in your home where you are likely to find germs:

  1. It is no surprise that the toilet can be a hotspot for germs, but did you know that it can “infect” the areas around it. Researchers have found that an invisible cloud of water can shoot 1.8m into the air when the toilet lid is not closed when flushed. This means that contaminated water can linger on all nearby surfaces.
  2. It has been said that your keyboard can contain 70% more bacteria than a toilet seat while your actual desk is 400 times dirtier and, that office phones host around 25 000 germs per square inch. Cleaning your desk regularly, using your own phone and not eating at your desk can reduce the number of germs in your workspace. If there is no option than to use the office phone, then give it a good cleaning beforehand.
  3. Your car keys, your home keys, and any other set of keys you have in your home, whether it is just you who handles them or the whole family, is where germs are transferred daily. Clean them at the end of the day to help kill off germs and stop them from spreading.
  4. Your remote control is handled by everyone in the family and left lying all over the room and sometimes even on the floor. The remote can very quickly become a spreader of germs and if one family member is sick, it is very likely that someone else will pick it up as well.
  5. Although not a location in your home, researchers have discovered that a handshake is even more likely to spread germs than a kiss on the cheek. From touching your keyboard, to not washing hands after going to the toilet, and opening and closing doors using the door handles (another item to be cleaned regularly in your home), hands can pick up a variety of germs throughout the day. Hand sanitising has become force of habit nowadays, but there are still many opportunities for germs to accumulate on your hands in-between sanitising. Rather opt for a kiss on the cheek or a verbal greeting over the common handshake.

Although there are many germ hiding spots in the house, think about what you and your family touch the most, and that is most likely the spot where you will need to clean. It may not be the most conventional cleaning places, but it will be the most needed. Keeping a bottle of Milton hand sanitiser around the home can also help to stop the transfer of germs to the most touched places, while spraying these and other items with Milton Sterilising Surface Spray can also reduce the risk of creating a breeding ground for the germs.