Since Coronavirus lockdown forced workers to take their jobs home, the home office has once again become a much sought-after feature of modern living. To create a working environment that is suitable for your business and in balance with the needs of your family
requires much thought, whether it is full time or part time.

Working from home has again gained popularity since the 1990s with the pandemic forcing our work habits and environments to change dramatically, and pushing us to re-evaluate the functionality and design of our living space.
Here’s some inspiration for creating the perfect space to motivate productivity and get your
creative juices flowing.


• Devil’s Ivy
• ZZ Plant
• Peperomia
• Philodendron
• Peace lily
• Sanseveria “Snake plant”
• Bamboo Palm

Be a Minimalist
Minimalism is so hot right now. A clutter-free space with simple furnishings and a neutral colour palette has a way of freeing the mind and sparking creativity. If you need to warm things up, add a plant or macramé wall hanging.

Add Metallics
Modernise your office space by incorporating an assortment of gold, silver and rose gold accent pieces.

Go Bohemian
Embrace your inner free spirit and decorate your office with anything that tells a story, has sentimental value to you, or that you picked up on your travels. Add a bold coloured rug, colour on colour and some plants. Consider yourself creative? More is more in that case.

Focus on Lighting
When selecting lights for a works space, it’s important to consider the type of lighting. White light improves productivity whereas yellow light can often make people
feel tired and less productive. Should your space lack natural lighting, add as much task lighting as you possibly can. For small offices where floor and desktop space may be limited, narrow sconces work wonders and lend a more laid back mood when put on a dimmer.

Give Yourself a View
Position the desk where you can stare at something more interesting than a blank wall. A window’s natural light is ideal, but if you’re in a windowless space, hang a pretty picture above your desk.

Find the Rug
Ground your space with a colourful area rug for visual interest and soothing sound absorption. You can dress up the room with decorative accents in the same hue. Keep the furniture simple and clean for a sleeker look.

Colour Pop
Ensure your office isn’t a total snooze by adding a bold pop of colour while keeping the rest of the space neutral.

Invest in a Great Chair
You spend hours in your office chair. Add a beautiful, ergonomically correct comfortable seat to relieve bodily strain while enhancing your mental mood and proficiency. An ergonomically designed model that enhances posture will also induce you to gravitate to stances that bring personal confidence and encourage healthier working habits.

All About the Art
Decorate with images that speak to you, even if you’re crunching numbers all day. Fill your office with vibrant art to energize your space and make you feel motivated. Add a bit of love with a framed grouping of art made by your kids.

The brain has a strong relationship with colours and certain hues can cause you to react in different ways. Here are some colours which will turn your work space into a den of ultimate productivity.
Blue is stable and calming, the most productive colour around. The brain reacts positively to seeing blue, it helps you focus and can take the edge off of stressful work situations.
Green is great as it doesn’t cause eye fatigue, perfect for those who often find themselves
burning the midnight oil. It’s also quite calming, and helps with efficiency.
Red can actually stimulate a physical reaction, increasing blood flow and raising your
heart rate. It also brings out emotion and passion which definitely helps with productivity.
Yellow is much like how you might feel inspired on a sunny day. This bright and brilliant hue is said to stimulate creativity. The intensity of the tone will make a big difference in how your body responds to it.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match, experiment a little and you’re sure to come up with the
perfect blend of colours to keep you focussed and working hard all day long.