Barre Body Craze

We had a Q & A session with the founder of Barre Body to discuss the facts and benefits about this new trendy work out style.

By Taryn Dekel

Absolute Mama had the opportunity to sit down with Jessika Munnell, founder of Barre Body to discuss how this fitness trend took off and how it can benefit you at every stage of your fitness journey, from beginner to expert.
If you, like me, have been living under a rock for the past while, then you’ll have missed out on one of the most effective and fun new ways to exercise and tone your body – Barre Body. Take a look at our interview with Jessika to find out more.

What does barre body entail?
Barre Body is a 60-minute workout fusion which blends Pilates, Cardio, strength training, yoga and ballet strengthening. All these elements together encourage flexibility, alignment and toning.
Do participants need to have previous ballet experience to take part?
Absolutely no ballet experience is required to join. Our classes have no ballet involved in them other than using the ballet barre to tighten and tone the gluteals (bum).

What would you say are the major benefits of doing barre body?
Barre Body targets the female body areas which are hard to target in other workouts such as the underarm area, thighs, stomachs and bum. It is a super-efficient fun and challenging short workout for women only.

Which areas of the body does the barre workout target?

The Barre workout is great for your core, arms, legs, stomach and glutes. The classes are energetic, fast-paced and highly addictive. With studios in Claremont and Greenpoint in Cape Town and Rivonia in Joburg Barre Body was founded by husband and wife team Jessika Munnell and Andrew Gowans. They offer challenging Barre classes and superfood nutrition products.

During their one-hour classes, you’ll make use of light weights, a ball and ballet barre to strengthen and tone your body. Go to your first class with an open mind and be prepared for a fun yet effective workout which shows results in as little as 10 sessions! Barre Body is a non-impact workout and therefore safe for all fitness levels.
Pace yourself and speak to your instructor about any difficulties you may have.

Pop in at one of the Barre Body studios today and transform your body and life with this unconventional fusion workout programme.

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