Great ideas, fun activities, and an exciting mobile game to help you become a Cartoon Network Climate Champion during the holidays.

Cartoon Network’s Climate Champions switches to holiday mode with more activities, more games and entertaining Climate Champions episodes starting from Monday, 11-18 July @ 09:40 CAT on Cartoon Network Africa.

Being a Cartoon Network Climate Champion means caring about our planet, wanting to make a difference, and having fun while you do it! And this month, Cartoon Network Africa is cutting through the chill and putting the winter school holidays to use with so much for you to do to help protect our planet.

The action begins with a Climate Champions on-air stunt with fun and adventurous, eco-tastic episodes every day from Monday, 11 July to 18 July @ 09:40 CAT. Laugh along with your favourite cartoon characters from Teen Titans Go!, Craig of the Creek, The Amazing World of Gumball, DC Super Hero Girls, We Baby Bears, Coach Me If You Can, and Ben 10 as they tackle environmental issues. From cleaning up the ocean to protecting an ancient tree, our heroes will face many unexpected adventures while learning about climate change.

To add to the fun, Cartoon Network has partnered with DStv to launch a new mobile game called Grubby Shores that goes live on 11 July on DStv’s mobile edutainment game, Island Adventures available on the MyDStv app. Come along and explore a newly discovered grubby island destroyed by pollution and climate change. The dirty island needs all Cartoon Network Climate Champions to save it! So don’t miss out on the chance to play, learn, and win one of 10 DIY Vegetable Garden kits weekly or an incredible family getaway.

You can also join the Cartoon Network Climate Champions crew for even more activities, more games and cool tips to help protect our planet during the eco-packed holiday activations at Menlyn Park Shopping Centre (Pretoria) from 6 to 10 July and Tyger Valley Shopping Centre (Cape Town) between 13 and 17 July.

All that’s needed now is for everyone to jump into holiday mode with a difference. Mother Earth needs everyone to get busy in their home, school, and community as they join the ultimate force of change-makers, the Cartoon Network Climate Champions. Tune in to Cartoon Network Africa and visit the Climate Champions website to take up the challenge. Say yes, you’re ready, because no act is too small to save the planet and make a world of difference!