Cobra now offers the full bathroom solutions

Kitchens and bathrooms are quite unique, so they’re often styled differently from the rest of the neighbouring rooms. It is also safe to say that in today’s world, the bathroom has become the epicenter of the modern-day home. Outside of the kitchen, it is the most frequented room, by family, friends, and guests. With this in mind, it is important that the ultimate bathroom possess a certain element of not only cleanliness but cohesiveness too, both in style and design.

As a result, Cobra recently introduced its latest offering, the complete bathroom solution from the Cobra new ceramic and mixer ranges. One might wonder what is meant by “a complete bathroom solution.” Well, in not so many words, Cobra is your one stop shop for all your bathroom and sanitaryware needs, from shower heads, basins to toilet, cisterns, taps and mixers.

The new Cobra bathroom solutions connect everyday moments with bathroom fittings that speak to both your needs and desires, while eliminating the stress of creating a bathroom where all elements “match”. This full bathroom solution was designed to complement both design and style, all while making the customer journey experience easier with a full solution to fit any home.

This new offering consists of four distinct ranges, dedicated to capturing the timeless moments spent and created in the bathroom. The ranges are:

Welcome; a range designed to transform the bathroom into a comfortable space with modern design cues.

Followed by Shelter; a range that derives its cues from creating a safe and comfortable space.

Next is Pause; a range that is meant to inspire awe, where one takes the time to embrace the beauty of their surroundings.

And finally, Arrive; a showstopping range that is made to be shown off and make a statement.

To compliment the ceramic sanitaryware, Cobra also recently introduced its new tap and mixer collection with ranges including Recess, Breathe and Pause.

With all the above, it is clear to see how Cobra is committed and dedicated to providing the utmost comfort, style and modern-day bathroom and kitchen. Cobra’s complete bathroom solutions affords one the peace of mind when it comes to designing and achieving the ultimate time out