Product brochures are notoriously misleading. They typically show pages and pages of people living perfect lives in immaculate homes, with everything in its rightful place. But life isn’t the fairy tale brochures might make us believe. Our homes can be messy, with dishes piling up in the kitchen sink and the occasional towel discarded on the bathroom floor. But that’s what makes them special, personal and unique – and the iconic brand, Cobra knows this.

“Our homes, and especially our kitchens and bathrooms, don’t always look as spic and span as we would like them to be,” says Corrie Stride, Leader: Marketing at LIXIL Africa. “They’re busy, lived-in spaces that have to keep up with the comings and goings of everyone who uses them on a daily basis. At Cobra, we celebrate homes that are real and raw, and perfect in their imperfection.”

As a result, Cobra has recreated its product brochure, which is aptly named, Not Another Brochure. “We wanted to transform the traditional brochure concept and create a distinctive offering that adds value to our consumers’ lives,” adds Stride. “Cobra isn’t purely a functional plumbing brand; it’s an inspirational lifestyle brand that brings out the magic in the mundane. In Not Another Brochure, we wanted to create a tool that draws attention to the moments that consumers often taken for granted while engaging with our products.”

The final product shows homes that everyone will recognise, highlighting the ordinary moments that we all experience every day. “We designed Not Another Brochure so that it’s accessible and relatable,” says Tamara Wilson from Itchy Digital, the company behind the brochure’s development, “while also offering fun and useful information.”

Not Another Brochure offers handy hints and tips on making big and small adjustments to your homes, and includes other fantastic content. Think Spotify playlists you can sing along to while you’re in the shower, bath time games for the kids, and new recipes for you to tackle in the kitchen. “Everything you need to know about Cobra’s key product ranges is there and is conveniently combined with great ideas that will enhance your experience of your home,” Stride adds.

While Not Another Brochure is aimed at Cobra’s end users, other Cobra customers, including architects, interior designers and plumbers will also find it helpful. “If you’re a professional, you can use Not Another Brochure to help inspire your clients with fresh new ideas, while also showing them the full range of Cobra’s impressive products,” Stride says.

Not Another Brochure will be available via Cobra’s social media platforms and the Cobra pages on LIXIL Africa’s website every month from November onwards. It can also be accessed in merchant stores by scanning the handy QR code on Cobra’s display boards. Each issue features new recipes, pep talks and monthly giveaways, as well as interviews with design and décor industry experts. Check out Not Another Brochure today – and then again in a month’s time. Trendy, new, relatable information will be released with every new issue.