Fact: Smart homes are increasing by 18% each year in South Africa and are expected to reach 2.5 million households in 2025.

Today’s new normal has created ways for us to use our homes as boardrooms, a work zone, an entertainment centre, a classroom, and even a tranquil refuge. And smart homes can help us play multiple roles thanks to the flick of an app.

Remote and hybrid working arrangements have become the norm and that means we are spending more time at home than ever before. “Our homes are having to work harder and its occupants are even more stressed – adding to the household demands and pressure” says Larry Barnes, Product Manager at CBI-electric: low voltage. “South Africans are looking for convenience and flexibility, and that’s exactly what a smart home can deliver.”

A basic smart home installation can automate security and indoor lighting, as well as a geyser, pool pump and even an irrigation system which can be scheduled according to the weather. Homes can easily be set-up to provide comfort and control while saving time, energy and money.

Often associated with costly high-tech devices, today’s smart home is affordable and easy to implement with thanks to locally manufactured products. The Astute Range from CBI-electric: low voltage allows South Africans to add smart home components to households that can tailor everyday living experiences.

Controlled directly from a smartphone and/or tablet, the Range includes the Astute smart controller, isolator and smart plugs which can be managed with the CBI Home app. The products allow users to turn various appliances into a “smart” appliance by connecting it to an Astute Smart device. For example, various appliances that are connected to one of these devices can be controlled, monitored and scheduled remotely via the app.

Household items such as underfloor heating can be set according to ambient outside temperature and time of day – effectively giving you climate control. If you’re trying to control screen time for your kids, you can connect your TV to an Astute Smart Plug (ASP) which allows it to be turned off after a set period of time. The ASP can also be added to your bedroom so you can schedule charging stations for your phone and automatically turn off an electric blanket.

These smart devices can also monitor an appliances’ energy consumption, such as dishwashers, fridges and washing machines. Smart switches also provide users with greater control over power consumption in rental properties and holiday homes.

The Astute Smart Controller and the Astute Smart Plug are listed at R348, and the Astute Smart Isolator is listed at R417 (ex VAT). Please note that distributor and retailer prices will vary. The range is available from leading homeware stores.

For more information on the Astute Range visit www.cbi-lowvoltage.com/astute or connect and engage on FacebookInstagram or Twitter.