Your home is your sanctuary, and the bathroom is your at-home retreat. With this in mind, it is important to create a welcoming space that puts your mind and heart at ease. This has become increasingly evident in recent times, having spent many days, weeks, and months restricted to our homes adhering to lockdown rules and regulations.

Cobra recently launched four ceramics ranges that are committed to connecting everyday moments with everyday sanitaryware fittings, these introduced with the aim of igniting your desires and aspirations.

Recently, we focused on the Cobra Pause range, highlighting all it has to offer. Now we unpack the Cobra Welcome range, which is designed to give you that welcoming feeling and allow you to experience entry into a space that eases your mind and heart. This range was designed with the family in mind, boasting functional and aesthetically pleasing products. Your bathroom is transformed into a comfy space with its simple, yet modern, design.

The Welcome Range also allows you to tailor your bathroom to your specific needs. Firstly, you can choose either a small or a medium-sized wall-hung basin, both sold with pre-punched tap holes, wall fixing set and installation manual, and both compatible with all Cobra standard-sized basin mixers.

Secondly, the range offers two toilet options: the Cobra Welcome close couple toilet suite, and the Cobra Welcome wall-hung toilet. The close couple toilet suite has a top dual flush capability with 3L and 6L flush options available. The packaging includes the cistern and cistern fittings, pan, seat, and installation manual. The cistern is manufactured with left hand side inlet holes, as per European standards.  The wall-hung toilet is also dual flush, with the option of a 4L or 6L flush available. This beautifully crafted range offers you choice, and aims to transform your bathroom into a safe, comfortable space with its simple, yet modern design.