December, here you are! I cannot believe how quickly this year has gone by…. and so much has happened and even though there are only a couple of weeks left of 2018, we still have some memories to be made.

This year has seen a lot of changes in my darling daughter’s life. Ava left the tween status behind and flew straight into teenagerhood, much too soon. Gone are the days of hours building Barbie furniture with you, playing dress up and watching Shrek over and over and over.
I never thought I would want to watch Shrek rescue Fiona again, but I could watch it another 1000 times with you.

This has been the fastest 13 years of my life, my first born as well as the child that made me a Mom basically only has 5 more years before she’s considered an adult. This mama was definitely not ready for you to grow up so quickly and become fiercely independent and so much more mature than I ever was at your age.
But I am ready and excited to be here for this new chapter in your life. We won’t see eye to eye on everything and will make mistakes, but I will try my best to be your biggest ally and most ardent supporter.

Now, let’s take a look what’s in the Summer Issue. This issue we focus on combating social anxiety in our children and the benefits of positive parenting. We delve deeper into what the MTHFR gene mutation is and how to naturally live with it and bring you some natural remedies for sunburn, insect bites, summer colds, etc.
We also have a special feature on the benefits of a plant-based diet along with some yummy wholefoods recipes and smoothies from Nutribullet.
All the usuals, décor, fashion and much more can also be found in this issue.

Those hot summer days are back and I am not complaining! Sunny strolls, fun, family vacations to the beach, endless ice cream cones and beautiful memories to be made. Grab your copy or your tablet and a tall glass of something cold
and enjoy this issue!

From all of us at absolute mama HQ, we wish you a safe and fun filled holiday season.

Keep Safe xx