Do you want to get fit without having to sign up to a health club or without leaving your house? Is this even possible? With the right determination and tools…totally!
By Taryn Dekel

You have several schedules to juggle and trying to fit in a daily work-out, can seem like just another headache. Exercising at home can seem impossible and challenging, but if you have a set plan from the word ‘go’, you can pave your way to success and reap the health and fitness benefits. Even if you do have a gym membership that you use periodically for activities like swimming and weigh-ins, the trick to getting fit and staying fit is by constantly doing something every day. We’ve put together a handy guide to get you started with exercising at home.

Before you push off with a fast-paced run, do some stretches and go for a brisk walk. Alternatively, you could use a treadmill or start slow on an exercise bike if you have one. The idea is just to get the blood pumping.


Up the ante a little bit by increasing the speed of your warm-up or shift to something different such as step aerobics on DVD or try your hand at a skipping rope. Without an aerobic workout, you won’t burn the calories you need, and the work out will be for nothing. You need to find ways to push your endurance and strength training to reap the benefits of a work-out.

Take your resistance training to the next level by adding a resistance band around your legs and arms as you exercise. Keep it simple with squats, push-ups and crunches. As your fitness level increases you can add weights to this portion of your exercise routine.

Increase your flexibility by adding floor stretches and yoga poses to your work-out. There are various free online sources available, or you could check out a book at your local library to get you started. Increasing your flexibility will improve your
recovery time after each work-out and take your fitness levels to new heights. Remember it’s not all about heart rate.

Your cool-down phase should be like your warm-up. Something slow-paced to bring down your heart rate to a resting state.

• Choose an appealing location. If it’s not welcoming and spacious you won’t want to exercise.
• Purchase the necessary equipment to assist you such as an exercise mat, resistance bands and dumbbells.
• Find a time that suits you best and add it to your schedule.
• Look ahead and plan your workouts, if obligations clash, reschedule your workouts ahead of time to set yourself up for success.
• Have fun and enjoy the benefits of keeping fit!