Take a look at the latest fitness trends hitting the exercise circuit and pick one to get you ready for summer.
By Taryn Dekel

We know you’re busy being supermom, so we took the time to track down the latest fitness trends for you. Every mom needs some me-time and what better way than to detox and exercise the stress away while getting fit?

Ever made the excuse; it costs too much? Enter low-cost fitness. We know that living costs and school fees all add up, so this exercise routine might suit you if you’re budget savvy.
There are various options such as fitness apps, jogging after work and exercise videos. This style of exercise also allows for flexibility, so you can choose which type of exercise and what time to schedule it.

It all sounds so mysterious…and that’s the point! We all know how tedious exercise can be if you’re doing repetitive routines. WOD stands for Work-out of the Day and has gained steady popularity with those who like variety. Additionally, the variety of exercises can contribute to a total body work-out.

Reclaim your childhood and take up this fun, yet effective work-out that develops upper and lower body strength. This fitness trend requires little effort but has major pay-offs such as improving balance and coordination, increases muscular strength and endurance and strengthens your lung and cardio capacity. You can reap the benefits and take your kids with, its a win-win for all.

Group training is great for those who like social interaction. Having extra encouragement from a friend can go a long way towards motivating you, plus the added benefit of getting a little chat session in every-day. This type of exercise is great for stay at home moms who often crave adult conversation.

Running clubs are a great way to get fit and stay committed to getting fit. You’re more likely to cancel on your trainer at the gym, he’ll just move on to the next client; but you can’t leave Debbie from accounting in the lurch too many times. You can add as many members to your running club as you want and enjoy the outdoors with your fitness friends.

Finding the right type of exercise routine makes all the difference when you want to commit to getting fit. Try a few different things until you find the fitness routine that suits your needs
and lifestyle.