HeronBridge College students raise over R46,000.00 to keep girls in school

HeronBridge College’s #TeamHope delivered 175 reusable sanitary pad buckets to the Safehub in Diepsloot.

The project, spearheaded by five HeronBridge students, started in 2020 with the aim of raising awareness about periods, the lack of sanitary ware and the impact that this is having on girls’ education, particularly in rural areas.

In just a few months, this group of five students had raised over R46,000.00 which bought 175 buckets, ensuring 175 girls had the means to manage their periods for five years, not only assisting them in a normal part of daily life, but also keeping them in school.

This initiative, named #ProjectHope started as a Grade 11 Life Orientation project, but has morphed into something that the school wishes to continue for years to come.

“It was incredible to see the passion and determination of our students for Project Hope” says Hannah Uys, Life Orientation teacher at HeronBridge College. “Our students made a tangible difference to breaking the stigma surrounding periods and have contributed meaningfully to 175 girls’ lives as well as their education.”

“We are really proud of what we were able to achieve through Project Hope” says Liam Waller on behalf of the team, “We sincerely hope that this is the first of many deliveries and look forward to seeing the next team deliver even more buckets in 2022!”