Finding a safe and secure way to save money for your child’s future can be very challenging in an ever-changing economic climate. It comes down to hours of comparing various options and sometimes you still just can not find that x-factor in a savings- or investment plan that gives you the peace of mind you would like to have for your child’s financial future.

Krugerbits offers a very easy, convenient, and affordable way to put your mind at rest: Krugerbits for Kids. The long-term goal of Krugerbits-account is to own Krugerrands – a valuable internationally recognised gold coin and accepted currency.

Gold has historically proven to gradually grow in value, and consequently, the worth of 1oz gold Krugerrands has also increased over time. Due to its global popularity, Krugerrands are a well sought-after asset, and many people obtain it as a reliable, VAT-free savings-method because it can be sold anywhere in the world.

This is where Krugerbits for Kids can help you save for your child’s financial future. Krugerbits is a registered Krugerrands incrementally as medium- to long term savings- method by virtually dividing a 1oz gold Krugerrand-coin into 100 Krugerbits.

These krugerbits can be purchased on an “as-and-when-you-can”-basis with no recurring service, insurance, or storage fees*. This means you can accumulate krugerbits at your own pace without any obligation. As soon as you have 100 krugerbits in your account, it automatically converts to a 1oz gold Krugerrand.

Krugerbits for Kids does not only enable you to save for your child, but other people who also play a role in your child’s life and contribute to their quality of life, can add to your child’s financial future. Any person can buy personalised Krugerbits Vouchers for the child which can be redeemed on your child’s Kids-account. Krugerbits Vouchers can be bought by anyone for anyone – either to register an account (Signup Voucher) or redeem it on an existing account (Krugerbits Voucher). It is a great gift for any occasion, and it lasts a lifetime.

Krugerbits has various payment methods to enable both parents and children to purchase krugerbits, such as online purchasing, vouchers, debit order and the Krugerbits Gold Card.

The Krugerbits Gold Card can be used at participating retailers to purchase krugerbits whilst shopping. This card, among our other offerings, is a very simple way to teach children how to wisely spend their money.

To add to the benefits of saving in gold Krugerrands, Krugerbits allows cashouts for those unplanned events you instantly need cash for – because we understand that life happens. You can cash out any number of your krugerbits / Krugerrands at any time.

Krugerbits is an innovative way for the whole family to save money in a safe and secure way with no monthly obligations or risk, as your vault contents are fully insured and stored at a highly secure facility for as long as it is your account.