Taking a fresh approach to feminine care, local entrepreneur and mother of two, Catriona Pereira has taken a bold step to design and launch Liv® ~ Feminine Care – a range of locally created and manufactured feminine care products. The Liv® ~ Feminine Care botanically infused intimate washes and lubricant harness the power of nature for daily intimate care and self-love – in a nutshell, feminine care, for down there!

Having come across research demonstrating how many women simply give up their power and own pleasure for the happiness, pleasure and satisfaction of their partner, Liv® ~ Feminine Care founder Catriona felt strongly that women needed to know that their power and pleasure is their number one priority. Catriona believes self-love through self-care every day is essential, proudly ensuring that Liv® ~ Feminine Care stands for this ideal.

“Sadly, we live in a society with a legacy of teaching women from a young age that their intimate areas and sexuality are dirty, shameful and shouldn’t be spoken about, let alone celebrated” says Catriona. “The feminine care industry is traditionally dominated by male-led multinationals. When it comes to feminine hygiene and sexual product decision-making, it’s only appropriate that women take the lead. I pulled on my own experiences and surveyed many local women for insights into feminine hygiene, sex and fem care products. I then started the journey of creating a range of products that truly fit a woman’s needs and puts women first.”

Stemming from this desire was a deep conviction to encourage women to feel confident in their own skins and to not feel ashamed or embarrassed about the feminine care products they use every day to feel clean, fresh and confident. As a result, Liv® ~ Feminine Care products were specifically designed to look like regular beauty products. They are also dermatologically tested, pH balanced and specially designed to harness the natural healing properties of Aloe, Tea Tree, Chamomile, Honey, Avocado, Cucumber and Cranberry in a variety of formulations that cleanse, soothe and excite.

“As women self-care is a priority. You cannot give from an empty cup”, says Catriona. “And as a woman I know that nobody gives you power or success you need to get up every day and own it. For these two reasons, creating Liv has been immensely important to me. It’s both proudly South African and created by a woman for women, to elevate the importance of self-care and self-confidence.”

Their products utilize the healing and soothing benefits of well-known herbal and botanical essences within modern formulations – not only are they incredible to use, they look so good that women want to buy them and have them in their toiletry bags, bathroom cupboards and bedside drawers. Liv is a friend – she’s not clinical with the word ‘vagina’ all over the place. Liv products are those that women would feel proud to own!”

What is the biggest challenge of being a mompreneur?
“I have an entrepreneurial spirit and I love the thrill and adventure in creating new business. Once I had children, I encountered a challenge in that the responsibility was not just for my life but for that of my expanding family – how would my business decisions impact them and their opportunities? Instead of giving into a paralysing fear that can come so easily, I have used this as a positive energy to propel me forward every day. It makes me do more, ask for more and be more in a day than I ever would do as an individual.”

What 5 tips would you give entrepreneurial women and mothers?
“Every day, ask yourself if what you do today will create the tomorrow you so desire. A little progress every single day adds up to big results!

  1. Get moving – start your day off with exercise! There’s nothing like demolishing a few goals first thing to set up your mood and attitude for a successful day.
  2. Start with an ambitious vision and determination to be true at all times. Every decision, every ingredient, every label, every meeting, every communication piece builds the foundation and framework upon which your brand will grow. Listen to your gut and make every decision your best for the long-term. A solid foundation will ensure that your brand is ready to go and grow when that big break arrives!
  3. Your brand is your baby, it’s your passion, it’s you. Let this emotion feed your soul, allowing you to set a clear vision and purpose but never let this emotion allow for poor decision making that can throw the brand off course.
  4. Be patient, trust the timing of your life and that of your business. Don’t question the process – simply do the work with passion every single day. A slight delay or smaller launch than hoped can actually be a blessing in disguise.
  5. A ‘no’ isn’t a ‘no’. There is always another opportunity or another way to make your approach better next time. When giving up isn’t an option, that’s where opportunity abounds.”

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