Make your lockdown exercise outing a family affair

Your marathons have been canceled, your cycling group is in lockdown and you now have a classroom in your lounge.  But all is not lost, you can still get out in the mornings for some much-needed exercise between 6 and 9, so why not bring the family along too?  What better than some fresh air, boosting the endorphins and spending some quality time together before the day starts.









Julia Downey, Brand Manager for Thule SA’s Active with Kids category, suggests the following options to consider when enjoying the outdoors with your little ones:


Did you know that running with a stroller is harder than running without one?  So don’t feel concerned that this is going to slow you down…

–   Opt for a 3-wheeler stroller when running with your child.  Their unique designs include suspension for comfort and control and they are also easy to maneuver with various intelligent features, designed specifically for active parents
–   Make sure your baby is fed before you head out and dressed appropriately, the mornings can be a little chilly as we head into winter
–   If your stroller has the option to fix the front wheel then ensure it’s in the fixed position when jogging
–   Ensure that wheels are pumped and hard prior to your run and add slime in the tyres to avoid any punctures along the way
–   Use a strap from your wrist to the strollers handle on hilly terrain
–   If you’re child is a little older, ensure their child’s shoe laces are tied and nothing is hanging near the wheels to prevent any unnecesary accidents
–   Take a deep breath in and enjoy this time out to clear your head


If you prefer to let the ‘wheels do the walking’ for you, then a child bike seat will allow you and your most treasured possessions, to enjoy everyday bike rides, safely, easily and in style.  It’s also an opportunity to introduce children to the joys of biking.

–   Make sure your little one has a helmet that fits correctly
–   Ensure you have the correct bike and determine if a front or rear bike seat suits your needs more
–   When you get the bike seat have some practice rides without your most precious cargo and make sure you are comfortable and confident on the bike (add a sack of potatoes or some shopping for some weight to get a feel for it)
–   When you embark on your first ride, don’t plan to go for too long and have a route marked out
–   Always read the manufacturers instructions for fitting and using your bike seat and make sure your child is properly strapped in, and there are no loose straps, scarves or toys that will interfere with the mechanisms of your bike.
–   And finally, enjoy the ride!  Your child will love taking in the sites and sounds of the outdoors and you’ll be ale to enjoy every squeal, smile and giggle along the way


 If the family prefers a slow and steady walk then a child carrier backpack is another option and great for a low impact and steady exercise.  Choose a carrier that’s comfortable for both you and your little one so look here are a few tips to consider before making a purchase:

–   An adjustable back panel and hipbelt that provides a perfect fit and comfortable carry and a carrier that can also make the transition between parents quick and easy
–   A carrier with stirrups let your little one rest their legs and readjust themselves on the walk
–   A breathable back panel provides padding and support at critical contact points, allowing air to circulate around your back, keeping you cool
–   Make sure your little one is wrapped up for those early morning walks

Visit for a range of these products that are all available for purchase and delivery during lockdown.

Available in a single and double version, the Thule Urban Glide 2 three-wheel stroller has a modern and lightweight design, making it perfect for an active family that enjoys the great outdoors as well as for everyday use. The design includes large 16” wheels, suspension for comfort and control, and a swivel front wheel for strolling and maneuvering around town that quickly and easily locks in place for jogging or rougher terrain.

The Thule Glide 2 is fast, lightweight, and designed for parents who enjoy running on all different types of terrain. Packed with intelligent design features, the Thule Glide 2 keeps children comfortable and safe. The fully adjustable, padded harness delivers a perfect fit and the ventilated canopy protects from the elements, while the integrated twist hand brake offers improved security and braking control on steep terrains. The rear suspension also means your child can relax and enjoy the ride, while the padded seat reclines to allow on-the-go naps.

Thule child front and rear bike seats are ideal for family adventures and are safe, easy to use and comfortable whether the ride is short or long.  Safety and comfort features include 5 points harness, unique buckle and water repellant materials

Thule baby backpack is the ideal child carrier. Safe and comfortable for both you and your little one, it lets you share a perfect day out walking