Mothering is constant, hard work and nothing can prepare you for what lies ahead, but it’s the best job I have ever had, says Anje Hill, Editor of Absolute Mama.
In celebration of Mother’s Day this month, Absolute Mama interviewed 5 inspirational women in May, all Mother’s, all doing it for themselves.

Here’s the final interview with another powerful Mama.

Q & A with Shaheen Rajabally – Founding owner Natura Sugars

1. Tell us about yourself and your company/venture

Natura Sugars is a company that offers a range of truly unrefined cane sugars on the South African market. The range is crafted to lock in, rather than refine out the natural molasses of the sugarcane juice, without added colourants, additives or preservatives – just as nature intended.

2. How did your business come about and has it changed your life?

I decided to start Natura Sugars when I noticed a gap in the market in the sugar category. Whilst popular on European supermarket shelves, truly unrefined sugar was not available to consumers in South Africa. It has brought me the purpose to make Natura Sugars become a household brand in South Africa so that every family can have access to the range. I believe that people across all economic walks of life should be given the opportunity to consume the best quality products.

3. Do you have any tips for working Moms who are looking to start their own business?

Pursue something that you are passionate about and that will benefit others.

4. What do you think is the biggest challenge faced by mothers/women in business?

For a long time, becoming a mother meant that one had to stop pursuing one’s career or other ventures or put these on hold. Thankfully nowadays, mothers are empowered to show that childbirth is part of life and so is having an aspiration to pursue something philanthropic or professional.

5. Where or from whom do you find support?

I seek support from God and I manage the challenges by sharing them with my husband who is always happy to help; for which I’m extremely grateful.

6. How do you achieve work/life balance, and what do you do for yourself?

I do have set times I dedicate to work, as I do believe time with my family is as important as my business. With three children, life is busy and I have got my hands full. What I do for myself is taking the time for my spiritual and religious growth, and I am able to do that with my husband’s support.

7. In your opinion, can you be a good Mom and a successful entrepreneur/ business woman?

Yes, definitely! Perhaps the amount of time we devote to our business and family might vary according to family and professional needs, but these two roles can co-exist as long as we continuously adapt to our current situation instead of seeking pre-conceived or unrealistic ideals.

8. What is the most rewarding thing about being a Mom?

To know that it is God’s way of showing you His mercy.