FUTURE-PROOF YOURSELF How to win at work and life – Nikki Bush

Reframing disruption is necessary to thrive through chaos and change. Future-proof Yourself is written for such a time as this, helping us to win at both work and life, regardless of circumstances. It’s a compelling and practical guide to helping individuals and business leaders to reframe and reinvent in the face of uncertainty and change.

When things change dramatically, they rarely, if ever, go back to ‘normal’. Disruption demands that we let go of the past and step into a new way of being.

Speaker and author, Nikki Bush, is a master of reframing and reinvention having experienced her fair share of disruption by choice and through crisis, personally and professionally. She has had three different but linked careers. She is an entrepreneur and advisor to business leaders. She has been a wife, a widow, a mother.

Sometimes we are sent life tremours – warnings, and sometimes we are sent life quakes that have the potential to bury us as victims or break us open and plant us like a seed. We always have a choice.

Nikki has navigated life tremours and life quakes and believes that no experience is ever lost, wasted or forgotten. Whether your life has been disrupted by death, divorce, disease, Covid-19 lockdown, working from home, moving town, starting a new job, or any of a host of other disruptive events that can either make or break you, this book will guide you to the best possible outcome.

Disruption is never comfortable, but regardless of whether it is positive or negative, it is a catalyst for change.

In her trademark style, Nikki Bush creates compelling analogies, simple but effective lessons and practical frameworks to help you to future-proof yourself. She writes as she speaks, with lightness, grace and wisdom that will push you to the edge of your comfort zone while also being reassuring and igniting possibility thinking.

Self-reflection and self-leadership are key to reframing disruption. Always ask: what did I learn from this, how did I grow from this? Keep perspective by seeing the collateral beauty in the collateral damage of any situation.

Future-proof Yourself is about dancing with disruption. Dip into chapters on disruption, remote working, resilience, teamwork, leadership and family, and learn how to remain focused, utilise pressure and create a recipe for personal success. A distillation of Nikki Bush’s professional insights as a human-potential and parenting expert, combined with her personal honesty and vulnerability, this book is a must-read for anyone looking to harness their courage and curiosity to build a rewarding, fulfilling future for themselves – no matter what life throws at them.

Nikki Bush, CSP is a sought-after award-winning Hall of Fame speaker, best-selling author and media personality. She has the knack of putting difficult, complex and sensitive topics on the table and making them relatable and accessible. Nikki speaks and writes with energy, passion, self-deprecating humour, a disarming honesty and vulnerability.

As the human-potential and parenting expert, Nikki empowers individuals, leaders, teams and families to win at work, home and life. She has co-authored a number of books, including Future-proof Your Child for the 2020sand Beyond and has fielded thousands of media interviews, with weekly slots on Radio 702 and SABC3’s Expresso. Nikki is well known for packing a powerful sound bite and leaving audiences and readers with practical frameworks and solutions that work.