The New Year inspires us to start afresh, and for many people that involves beginning healthier lifestyle.

Losing weight is one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions – surveys by both Nielsen and Inc. have shown that starting a healthy diet, exercising more and losing weight are some of the most popular resolutions.

But while we might be motivated to shed the kilograms, sticking to those resolutions can prove challenging, and not even half of those with New Year’s resolutions were successful.

This is why it’s important to embrace a holistic plan to assist you in your weight loss journey, explains immunopathologist and medical researcher, Professor Patrick Bouic, who specialises in the health benefits of the Buchu plant for over 15 years.

Buchu is your weight loss best friend for the following reasons:
  • Buchu decreases general inflammation: General inflammation leads to weight gain because the body requires extra lipids to fight off the inflammation.  By switching off the inflammation this leads to the adipose tissue being mobilised, and eventual weight loss
  • Buchu fights fat: Buchu stimulates the metabolism of cholesterol and adipose tissue (the tissue that stores fat).
  • Buchu is natural: It yields no side effects and Buchu makes part of holistic approach to weight loss
  • Buchu is an excellent detox agent: Buchu stimulates the liver enzymes to detoxify all so-called zenobiotics and to make them water soluble so that we can excrete these.  Buchu also contains a well-known molecule called rutin which increases kidney function. This is beneficial to eliminate the metabolites generated during the detoxification process.
  • Buchu assists with exercise recovery: Exercise leads to enhanced “feel good” hormones but also muscle damage.  The anti-inflammatory properties displayed by Buchu will decrease the damage caused by the exercise without taking away the benefit of the activity

“We all know the cornerstone of sustainable weight loss is a healthy diet and regular exercise, but there is more to weight loss than just changing those habits. Inflammation in the body, for instance, can make losing those kilograms more difficult, and even the most dedicated athlete can lose motivation occasionally. That’s why incorporating Buchu into your new health regiment can help you achieve your weight loss goals,” he says.