Oil Pulling: A natural antibacterial mouth wash for sore throats

Our mouths are the source of a large number of germ that eventually make their way into the rest of the body. The immune system can take a beating during the winter months and especially with the added stress of Corona Virus in the air. Therefore, it’s important to keep the mouth clean and what better way than with a natural antibacterial mouth wash.

Ayurvedic science for medicine dates back to 5000 years with roots in India and is based on the concept of holistic healing. Oil pulling is a part of the Ayurvedic dental care regime.


Based on eastern remedies, oil pulling has long been used to cure cold and sore throat. By dissolving all the toxins and bacteria, it helps in clearing blocked nasal passages and increases immunity.

For those unfamiliar with oil pulling, it involves swirling in your mouth for a couple of minutes and then spitting it out. Cocobaci Oil Pulling programs are a modernized version of ancient Oil Pulling for dental health and overall wellbeing.

Conveniently packaged as single-use sachets containing Oak Bud extract aromatherapy, Organic Coconut oil and other natural ingredients to lift and expel bacteria from the mouth. This ancient cleansing method is known to remove bacteria and microorganisms and in the process helps in detoxifying your body’s lymph nodes and glands soothing a sore throat or, if used regularily,  keeping flu like-symptoms at bay.


Using Oil Pulling as a mouth wash can have a powerful natural antibacterial and detoxifying effect. Even with your first pull you may experience heavy cleansing. However, we recommend following the 15-Day oil pulling program. As your body detoxifies, you may encounter any number of cleansing symptoms – sinus discharge, nausea, vomiting, fatigue. This is called healing crisis. Over time as the body becomes cleaner and healthier, symptoms become less noticeable.

We recommend trying the NEW Cocobaci Pomegranate with Activated Charcoal 15-Day Oil Pulling program for an inner detox and brighter, whiter teeth.

How to Use Cocobaci:

1. Tear open the sachet at the perforated corner
2. Squeeze the contents into your mouth
3. Swirl it around for 10-15min
4. Spit it out
5. Smile!









Reference: Oil Pulling Therapy by Dr Bruce Fife. 2008.