Candide launches the Plant ID function on their website

Candide, the free gardening app that connects green lovers across South Africa, has always offered its community a bouquet of exceptional, enabling features, created to help gardeners understand their gardens better. One of the most popular of these is Plant ID, a super-smart, convenient and easy-to-use tool that lets you know what those unknown creepers, lilies, bushes, trees or plants really are.

Plant ID has become a firm favourite on the Candide app because it can all be done at the click of a pic. All one needs to do is photograph the unknown flora, upload it and then hit the “Identify” button. From here users can view the plant’s name and read overviews of it and its species. In addition, for those who like to know more as they grow more, the tool gives origins, environmental preferences, propagation, personality, problems, geography, uses and a host of detailed information.

Up until recently Plant ID was only available on the app, but now it can be found on the Candide website, allowing it to be used by more people more often. “We understood that a lot of our community wanted the option to research and build knowledge from their laptops or desktops,” explains Roné de Bruyn, Country Manager, Candide ZA. “So, we adapted Plant ID to work on browsers. It’s got the same functionality as on the app, but it gives users more options and convenience when it comes to how they want to use it.”

On the website, it is free to access, and as quick and simple to use:

●        Visit

●        Click ‘Identify now’ and select a photo from your library.

●        Identify your plant!

On the site there are also a number of how-to videos and step-by-step guides for a variety of garden projects. Candide is for everyone, from green rookies to evergreen experts, all the material provided is essential, practical and easy to understand. The Candide community is growing daily, so there’s an every-widening pool of peers with vast knowledge and insights, always willing to chip in and share experiences and information. “We are all about sharing,” concludes de Bruyn.

For more information visit email or follow Candide on Instagram and Facebook @candideappza.

If you don’t already have Candide, download the free app, available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.