The Royal Society Of South Africa is the premier learned Society in the country.  Its aim is the furtherance of all aspects of Science in South Africa.  It consists of Fellows, Members and Foreign Associates who are elected solely on the basis of their scientific standing.  Founded in 1908, it is an independent body with headquarters in Cape Town.

Beaulieu College pupil Motheo Maitin won the top prize for the essay topic “South Africa has a wealth of medicinal plants. How should the government and research scientists balance the need to develop new medicines with the need to protect these resources?”.

Left to Right.  Motheo Maitin, top prize winner, Ms Naicker (Physical Science Teacher), Erin Pullinger, 3rd prize winner and Kathato Motsisi, 3rd prize winner.

 Kathato Motsisi winner of the 3rd prize on the topic “Have social media platforms (such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram) benefited science and society?”

 Erin Pullinger winner of the 3rd prize for the essay topic “Is there scientific evidence to support (or refute) Greta Thunberg’s assertion that humanity is facing a climate-induced emergency?”

Motheo Maitin top prize winner with his mentor Ms Naicker