Over a quarter of all American consumers plan to give a second-hand item as a gift this holiday season, and its younger consumers who are driving this growing trend.

As many as 61% of Gen-Z (18-22) consumers will gift a re-sale product and 43% of Millennials are keen on the idea according to new research from Deloitte*.

The main reason provided for gifting second-hand was to save money (50%), with 24% looking for an affordable way to gift a premium or luxury brand.

Estelle Nagel of Gumtree South Africa believes these trends are absolutely reflected among South Africans. “The old stigma around second hand, or ‘pre-loved’, items as gifts is fading fast, especially in a stretched economy. It’s also much more environmentally sustainable behaviour. Younger demographics are completely open about doing this and the recipients are happy as long as the gift is well-targeted (and something they could not otherwise afford) and not just a lazy afterthought.”

Nagel concedes that older generations find second-hand gifting harder to accept – the American research shows that only 13% of Boomers (55-73) will give a resale gift – but says she expects this phenomenon to only get bigger. “Second hand or re-sale is one of the biggest global retail trends with clothing probably the primary category. On Gumtree we are experiencing huge growth in South Africans trading their fashion items to make and save money while doing a wardrobe re-fresh.”

A recent report from retail analytics firm GlobalData suggests that the second-hand market for clothes will be nearly one-and-half times the size of fast fashion within 10 years.

*based on a Deloitte survey of 1,200 US adults in October and November 2019.

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