Pringle of Scotland centres itself around a part of a world that is described as ‘rolling hills, moors, mountains of terrain and panoramic scenery’. The brand focuses on heritage and telling a story to those who can only imagine this wonderful part of the world. This emotion and purity are stitched into every Pringle of Scotland garment, ensuring that the values and inspiration behind the brand lives on.

Pringle of Scotland celebrates the affection for argyle and the iconic Pringle of Scotland logo in the new SS19 men’s and women’s wear collection. The campaign champions a new and fresh energy, exploring the fundamentals of luxury, history and relevance in a festive and revitalized collection. The campaign and SS19 garments are strong and bold, in colour and branding. There is an ownership of the Pringle of Scotland logo as well as the Royal Warrant, received in 1956, by Her Majesty the Queen. Technical innovation, nostalgia, liveliness, and colour are introduced through the inspiration of ‘vintage sporting attire’, classic light weight knits and throughout the garments.

These styled garments showcase modernity, versatility, quality and classic designs, with a unique element of panache, threaded through all the collections.
The women’s wear collection is playful, imaginative, and synonymous with a style that prides itself on classic Pringle of Scotland knitwear, including bold branding, flirty silhouettes and spirited patterns. Colour combinations include cerise, apple green, mint, coral, sunshine yellow and tangerine orange, with the reintroduction of the classic, irresistible nautical patterns.

All Pringle of Scotland menswear collections are distinguishable by the fine, luxurious quality, and classic designs. The SS19 collection introduces a bright colour palette, that includes orange, cerise, lime and chartreuse (a colour between yellow and green). The collection has not done way with the classic navy, black and white as well as the wide variety of distinctive blues. Colour is prominent in the iconic ‘Percy Chino’s’, as well as the shorts. ‘Japanese cotton shirts’, as well as ‘Stretch Linen Shorts’, have been introduced to the collection, ensuring the exploration of luxury in a modern as well as relevant manner.

The SS19 accessories collection is timeless, seasonal and compliments both the men’s and women’s wear clothing range. There is an introduction of new, bold branding with a change in colour, celebrating the Pringle of Scotland heritage, sports and leisure, as well as a unisex range. The styling is relaxed, distinctive and energetic in its approach. The colour pallet includes ballet pink, camel, orange, yellows, blues and off whites. True quality, luxury, talent, pioneering creativity and craftsmanship are advantages that are exemplified in all collections this season.
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