From the first time you laid your eyes on your baby, you vowed that you will always be there for her: from cheering her on as she takes her first steps to watching her take a bow at graduation and all of life’s priceless moments in between…

But developing a severe illness like cancer, a stroke or a heart attack can put an abrupt end to your dreams of a happily ever after with your baby girl.

The good news is that there are countless survivors who were able to beat their illnesses and went on to live healthy and fulfilling lives. The road to recovery may not be an easy one, physically, emotionally and financially. The process could include a battery of tests to identify the problem, surgery, expensive medication and even nursing care. And what about ensuring that there is additional child care for your girl if you’re unable to do things for her yourself?

Having the right cover in place is important, not because you are going to die but because you are going to live. Old Mutual’s Greenlight Severe Illness  will help during this difficult time. You will get a tax-free lump sum if you are diagnosed with a severe illness, which can help you with unexpected expenses so that life doesn’t stop whilst you recover. It can help cover your treatment and rehabilitation costs and you can use it towards your family’s daily expenses and maintain your family’s lifestyle.

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