sustainable seafood


RECIPE: Fish Lasagne

By Chef Dagný Rós Serves 4 Ingredients750g MSC-certified white fish (hake/haddock)250-300g frozen spinach1 cup (70g) cauliflower or broccoli1 leek400-500g cottage cheese1 tsp nutmeg70-100g concentrated tomato puree50-100 ml water3-4 lasagne sheets (natural or green, with spinach)1


RECIPE: Haddock Fish Burger

By Chef Stina Algulin Serves 4 IngredientsBurgers450g MSC-certified haddock1 egg2 tbsp fish/seafood stock3 tbsp chopped dill1 tbsp salt pinch black pepper4 hamburger buns8 lettuce leaves1 big tomatoOptional: Potatoes to bake in the oven Roe Sauce200ml