The Biomedical Emporium range is expanding, in more ways than one!

Co-founder and product developer of the Biomedical Emporium, Dr. Judey, is introducing mother and baby products to the multi-award winning skincare range AND the exciting news doesn’t end there, Dr. Judey herself is expecting twin girls around August!

Who better to develop a range for babies and moms to be than a highly accomplished Biomedical Scientist and product development specialist who is going through this maternal experience personally and first-hand?!

Dr. Judey has substantial experience in the disciplines of acute, chronic and post-surgical wound healing, regenerative medicine, and cell therapy. She holds a Master’s degree in Genetics and Molecular Biology followed by her Ph.D. degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, medicine development, and design.  She has also obtained an Advanced Diploma in Dermal Aesthetics.

There are two ranges:

 Biomedical Emporium BioBaby – scientifically formulated with biosimilar microbiota to restore and balance the biodiversity of compromised skin. The BioBaby series is free of allergens, irritants, phenoxyethanol, fragrance, dyes, and parabens. These products offer gentle care for atopic skin.


 Biomedical Emporium Maternology – a simplistic, easy, and safe to use range. The ingredients are rich in vitamins and minerals and cover a wide array of treating your skin optimally when trying to fall pregnant as well as during pregnancy.

Dr. Judey is available for expert comment, advice, or input regarding the range, skin during pregnancy, baby and child skincare, and skincare overall i.e. change of season, menopause, teenage skin, wound care, etc.

Dr. Judey also welcomes (and encourages) ANY questions in this regard.