While we adults have been trying to navigate lockdown, COVID-19 and the impact that this has had on the world and our lives, let us not forget that our kids have been watching from the sidelines, feeling helpless, struggling through a new way of learning and more. So, with the end of the year fast approaching and summer holiday plans well underway for many, why not do a few activities that solely cater to the interests of your children? Below are some ideas. 

1.    For the child who loves to cook

Is your child a budding chef? If so, take some time during the holidays to help them hone their skills around the kitchen. Playing around with different ingredients and recipes will be great to build their confidence as they learn more about the culinary arts. To involve them as much as possible, include them in the shopping process by ordering your items online. Yebo Fresh is an online retailer that specialises in good quality food for all, and sorting through different items online will teach your child more about what goes into preparing their everyday meals, and how to choose delicious, healthy ingredients. From burgers and chips to fruit salads and pizzas, the recipe options are endless. 

2.    For the child who loves animals

If your child is interested in animals and wildlife, well, we live in the best country to experience these things, don’t we? Why not look up a safari or game reserve that’s within driving distance from your home and make a day or weekend out of game viewing? In the Western Cape, we’d suggest the lovely West Coast National Park. This park is very easy to reach from Cape Town and provides some animal viewing, beach fun and more. If you and your child are more into big game reserves, then the Kruger National Park is a must-visit. All of South Africa’s Big 5 can be seen here and it is honestly one of the best locations for a safari. The littlest ones of the bunch will also appreciate the new Li’l Gricers play area at the Kruger Station precinct, all while the parents are able to visit other parts of the precinct such as the newly launched 3638 family restaurant, the Round in 9 bar, the En Route Grab ‘N Go Deli  and the Departing Soon coffee and ice-cream cafe. The entire precinct is family friendly and provides a wonderfully unique stop for those exploring the Kruger National Park. 

3.    For the child who loves arts and crafts 

If your child is interested in arts and crafts and would like to do a lesson with a professional, well, Airbnb has a wide selection of online experiences that you can choose from. Whether your child is keen on drawing, or perhaps creating stories or even origami, there are many different creative experiences to try. And, as a bonus, you would be able to expose your child to other cultures and traditions since many hosts are from other parts of the world. 

4.    For the (older) child who loves a pamper sesh 

Don’t forget about the older kids! With the pressure of school and online learning, perhaps what your older ones are in need of is a good pamper session. You could book a day where you bond with your child and enjoy some spoils at a local spa – think massages, manicures, pedicures and more. A number of spas are running specials at the moment, so look out for those! For example, Amani Spa at Radisson Blu Hotel Waterfront is running a special where you get to enjoy an indulgent experience, a light lunch, a glass of Prosecco (for those over 18) and access to the spa facilities and infinity pool – all for R800! 

5.    For the child who loves nature and outdoors 

With everyone being mostly indoors for six months, we’re sure all kids are enjoying getting out into nature at the moment. If your child has a special affinity for it, though, why not take them on a hike in your local reserve or on the mountain? Pack a light picnic meal to take with you (and carry your litter down with you, please) and enjoy a few hours out in nature with your sprog. No matter which city you find yourself in in South Africa, there will be hiking routes you can do. If you’re in Cape Town, Cape Town Tourism has a host of hiking guides and tips on their website, while those in Jo’burg can check out various guide websites for the best routes, while KZN Tourism would be able to assist those wanting to hike in this area.