Your Quick Guide: Must-have herbs & spices

Calms anxiety and stress and may have a positive efect on ADD. It’s also antibacterial and anti-inlammatory, easing skin inlammation and bacterial skin diseases, cuts and abrasions. Beneicial for the liver and digestive system.

The highest antioxidant values of any spice. Reduces inlammation, lowers blood sugar and alleviates nausea.

Part of the allium family of vegetables and herbs and have been cultivated for centuries for their characteristic pungent flavours and medicinal properties. A natural sleep aid, supports the digestive system, improves heart health, boosts immunity and improves bone health.

Best known for its cancer-fighting properties via the cancer-fighting compound curcumin, it has anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It also reduces inflammation, eases joint pain and is a soothing aid for the digestive system. Has potential benefits for those with Alzheimer’s disease.

Promotes a strong immune system and improves metabolism and digestion.

Great for digestion, alleviates cramps and reduces nausea, as well as congestion and coughing.

Helps relieve allergies, muscle aches and cramps. Improves circulation and heart health, helps fight prostate cancer and ulcers.

Improves brain function, stimulates hair growth, relieves muscle pain, eases migraines and headaches. Improves circulation, boosts the immune system, eases asthma and allergies.

Has detoxifying properties that support the liver and digestion. Relieves insomnia, improves brain health and regulates blood pressure. In Ayurvedic medicine it is used for treatment of depression.

Antiviral, antibacterial, anticancer and antibiotic; used to treat a cough, fever, congestion and body aches.

Anti-cancer potential, managing diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis. Improves digestion, relieves pain and eases nausea.
Reduces water retention, detoxifies and is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, has potent collagen producing and skin lightening properties.


Has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help   heal cuts, scrapes, bruises, insect bites as well as conjunctivitis   and sore infected gums.

An effective treatment for depression. Reduces PMS symptoms,   has cancer fighting properties, curbs your appetite and aids in   weight-loss.

Has various properties that reduce LDL(“bad cholesterol”) levels,   regulates your heart rate and blood pressure, improves   digestion, aids in Alzheimer’s treatment by limiting neuron   damage and protects against heavy metals.

Relieves nausea and morning sickness, helps with pain management, has anti-inflammatory properties that may fight  colon cancer.

Known for its calming properties which relieves stress, headaches and indigestion and promote a good night’s sleep.

Useful for treating anxiety, insomnia, depression, and restlessness. Supports your immune and nervous systems and improves digestion and circulation. Anti-inflammatory, anti fungal and antiseptic properties.

Potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, improves brain function, lowers cholesterol, aids in nutrient absorption and promotes gut-health. Has cancer-fighting properties.

Supports memory and brain function, lowers LDL Cholesterol, alleviates diarrhea, supports bone health and fights skin ageing.

Relieves indigestion, clears congestion, helps heal wounds and inflammatory diseases.

Antibacterial properties that relieve upset stomach, respiratory disorders and menstrual issues.

A natural antibiotic and antimicrobial which aids in treating colds and infections. Contains allicin which fights cancer, reduces LDL cholesterol and lowers blood pressure. Regulates blood sugar levels, supports the body’s protective mechanisms against oxidative damage that can contribute to cognitive illnesses.

Beneits liver function, aids in regulating blood sugar, rich in antioxidants and antimicrobial. Promotes good bone health  and contains important nutrients.

Powerful anti-inlammatory and antioxidant properties that fight cancer, premature aging, common skin issues and bacterial infections.

Relieves digestive symptoms. A muscle relaxant and pain reliever, it may diminish certain types of headaches. Improves
energy levels and reduce daytime fatigue.

A potent antioxidant that relieves gum infections, treats athlete’s foot, alleviates cold symptoms, reduces fever and improves sleep.

Improves immunity and fights infection, relieves upper respiratory issues, combats cancer and alleviates pain. Improves skin problems and mental health.

A good source of iron, manganese, magnesium, calcium and phosphorus. Digestive benefits, boosts immunity and help with asthma and bronchitis. Reduces the risk of diabetes, relieves symptoms of anaemia, promotes bone growth and lowers cholesterol.

Increases the metabolic rate of your body, reduces the severity of asthma attacks and certain symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and lowers blood pressure. Brings relief with migraines and beneficial for menopausal women who have trouble sleeping.

A decongestant with antioxidant and diuretic properties, lowers blood pressure, relieves nausea and morning sickness and aids digestion. Contains the phytochemical cineole, calming the nervous system, also linked to anti-tumour activity.

Acts as an antidepressant in cases of mild depression and anxiety, via the phytochemicals hyperforin and hypericin; also an antiviral that fights flu.

Clears congestion in the lungs and nasal passages, relieves sore muscles and arthritis pain. Also disinfects wounds, regulates blood sugar and soothes cold sores.