Volkswagen’s latest offering combines luxury with practicality to make the perfect family ride.
By Vann van Staden

You’ve worked hard to have what you have. You’ve provided for your family and have built a house that you can call a home. Now, it’s time to treat yourself with the ultimate pleasure — the joy of having Volkswagen’s brand new Touareg parked in your driveway.

The marvelous and much-loved Touareg is in its third generation and it’s safe to say this is the best delivery to date. Not only have they managed to keep the essence of the Touareg we first met back in 2002 alive, but it’s been updated without losing any of its charm or presence. The model is still as large as ever, clearing an impressive 570mm off the ground with the assistance of its state-of-the art air suspension. Packed with the latest innovations from tip to toe, it’s ready for action.

Being a family man or woman shouldn’t ever hinder you from driving your dream car and if your dream car can house half a soccer team, you’re good to go. When buying a family car, one of the top selling points is space — luggage space, an ample number of seats, leg room for those long road trips. Here the Touareg delivers on all levels. With five seats, up to 810 litres of luggage space, and a panoramic roof (the largest in the VW family), they’ve got you covered.

The new Touareg is Volkswagen’s most technologically advanced model to date. They have introduced the never before seen, fully digitalised ‘’innovision cockpit’’, which marries the digital cockpit with their
Discover Premium infotainment system — a combination that will surely stand the test of time.
Barely any of the traditional buttons or switches are needed, making the model a modern-day marvel. The ‘’innovision cockpit’’ holds all the information, communication and entertainment features of the car, neatly tucked away into a digital operating system.

When the call for adventure can no longer be ignored, answer it! When it comes to towing a boat, a caravan or a trailer, the Touareg has a neat trailer assist package that — wait for it — uses self-parking technology. The driver simply sets their desired trailer reversing angle on the impressive innovision screen.
You can literally sit back and let the Touareg take over.

For a cool R1 140 200, the new Touareg can be all yours. There are two options within the range: the 3.0l V6 TDI 190kW Luxury and the 3.0 V6 TDI 190kW Executive.
The new Touareg comes standard with a 5 year/100 000km maintenance plan, 3 year/120 000km warranty, 12-year anti-corrosion warranty and a space saver spare wheel. The service interval is 15 000km.