Planning on having a staycation this year but still yearning for the beach? Enjoy the best of both worlds (easily) by adding tranquil coastal décor elements to your home ― just the thing to get you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated this holiday season. If you’re worried you might overdo it, here are some must-have additions to complete the look. Plus, some helpful tips from the Volpes team on how to get it right the first time. 

1. Create a sanctuary for yourself

The easiest place to do this is in your own bedroom. This space is all yours and a space you can retreat to for an hour or two. Choose all-white linen for a truly tranquil space or natural tones to tie back to the beach theme.

As South Africa’s home of linen, Volpes has duvet cover sets in both muted tones or plain white 100% cotton. Alternatively, spoil yourself with their range of Egyptian Cotton, available in 300 and 600 thread count, for the ultimate ’boutique hotel at home’ experience.

2. Opt for organised minimal chic 

Part of the reason we love to get away isthat we leave all of our everyday clutter behind. So give your home the minimalist overhaul it deserves with some handy additions for that tranquil, elegant look.

The Kubu baskets from Volpes, in various shapes and sizes, are a must-have for storage and organisation – great in a kitchen or bathroom or strategically placed outside on the patio for towels, in the lounge for throws.

3. Spoil yourself with a spa at home 

Think about the everyday items you use, which would really make a big difference if they had a touch of luxe added to them. These include items that you touch and feel all the time. It’s so easy to do ― envelop bath sheets in gorgeous colours for your bathroom, plump patterned scatter cushions for your lounge or bedroom or luxuriously soft sheeting for your bed – quick and easy changes that will make a big difference. 

At Volpes, you can choose between facecloths to bath sheets and everything in between. Available in earthy colours such as Hunters Green, Denim, Duck Egg and more. Made from 100% cotton for a lovely soft touch and super absorbent. 

4.  Have a few eye-catching details 

 Scatter cushions are the easiest way to add a theme to any space and tie a look together – or add a punch of colour to a muted colour palette. Mix and match similar tones and textures for an effortless yet elegant look.

Volpes has a beautiful range of scatter cushions in blues and tranquil hues that are not too coastal. Think stripes, botanicals, textured plain colours and more. 

5. Choose your coastal décor items carefully 

Whether you live on the coast or in the city, add decorative touches such as a few sailboats – on a coffee table or outside with your basket of towels. From there, choose coastal colours such as blues and whites to fill your home.

 Volpes has charming little sailboats and other beach accessories to add to one or two rooms in your house. A must for a kiddies’ room or a bathroom for that added coastal feel. 

6. Think about how you will use the space 

 One or two throws in a bedroom or lounge is a necessary addition for a marathon afternoon book reading session or a ‘dinner and a movie’ night at home. Place your throws on the edge of the bed or rolled up on the armrest of a couch for easy access.

Shop Volpes’ new range of gorgeous shimmersoft throws in blues, greys and greens. Soft to the touch, lighweight and an easy way to add colour to an otherwise neutral space. 

7. Complete the look 

 Mystical voile curtains add an airy feel to a room but still let the lovely summer sun in, a definite must for summer days when indoor/outdoor living is at its best… Especially if you have a view that you can’t bear to close up. 

Choose from Volpes’ gorgeous sheer curtains in a kaleidoscope of colours. Opt for blues and greens if you want your curtains to tie into other decorative items like your scatter cushions. Alternatively, choose white or cream to disappear into your wall colour for an impactful one-hue look for the room.