PREP: 30 minutes
(500g bag of raw cashews, 2 x fruit swirls, chia seeds, dates)

3/4 cup of Montagu dates (soaked and drained)
1.5 cups of Montagu cashews raw
1/4 cup of desiccated coconut
Pinch of salt
1 tbs coconut oil

2 cup Montagu Cashews Raw (soaked 4 hours minimum, overnight is ideal)
2 x Montagu Mixed Berry fruit swirls (cut into smaller pieces and soaked in ¼ cup boiling
water for 15 minutes)
¼ cup Honey or syrup
¼ cup Coconut oil, melted and cooled
½ cup Coconut cream
2 Tbs fresh lemon juice
1 tsp Vanilla / 1 tbs vanilla protein shake (superfood vanilla protein blend, plant based)
*optional 1 Tbs acai berry powder
pinch of Salt

Cup of mixed frozen berries
Lemon juice
1 tablespoon Montagu chia seeds

Line a baking dish (I used 23 x 15 cm) with baking paper. In a high-powered blender, mix all your base ingredients together.
Press the base mixture into the baking dish.
Drain cashews after soaking and rinse under fresh water.
Mix filling ingredients: Cashews, coconut oil, coconut milk, syrup / honey, vanilla powder / vanilla, lemon juice in a high-powered blender.
No need to clean after mixing base. Use half the mixture to layer on top of the base mixture.
Mix the soaked fruit swirls into the rest of the filling mixture.
This will give a burst fruit flavour that is sweet and tart.
*Optional: You can use acai powder to boost essential fatty acids and amino acids.
Layer the fruit swirl cashew mixture onto the last layer.
While this is chilling in the freezer, make the topping.
Over medium heat simmer the mixed berries, sweetener and lemon juice.
Push through a sieve once syrupy and add chia seeds.
Keeping this layer tart will balance out the sweetness, thus no extra sugar is needed for this layer.
Chia seeds are full of omega-3 fatty acids, rich in antioxidants, and they provide fibre, iron, and calcium.
Pour onto cashew cheesecake and place back into freezer for another 2-3 hours before serving.

Credit to our recipe developer and photographer; Nita West.