Q & A with Deborah Good, founder and creator of freesweet

1. Tell us about yourself.Have you always been entrepreneurial? What led you to taking that first step and setting up your own business? 

I have definitely always been entrepreneurial! If I’m not creating something, I get into trouble! I discovered early on in life that I was never going to be able to work for a boss, so I had to become one myself .

Image: Deborah Good, founder and creator of freesweet

2. How did freesweet come about and has it changed your life?

The story of how freesweet came about is in detail on our story page on our website…   And it’s a long story!

Has it changed my life? Yes! It has given me a great sense of purpose and very clear direction…  It is good for the soul to be working on a project that can be such a massive contribution to people’s lives.

3. What do you love about the way your career has developed since Iwantmycoffee and being the creator of freesweet?

I love looking back across the journey and realising that truly, anything is possible.   Just never quit, never give up and never give in. Especially when you believe in something so deeply, you will always find a way.

4. What do you see happening right now in terms of sugar consumption and alternatives, both in South Africa and globally? 

The sugar issue has become a worldwide health debate, and it’s about time.  People have been looking for an alternative that will still allow them to enjoy the sweet things in life, without the sun. But most alternatives, or other artificial are not great tasting. That is where freesweet steps in!  It tastes delicious, is all natural, and even bakes beautifully which none of the others can claim! I am passionate about offering moms a solution to the sugar addiction problem by bringing them a sugar replacement that they can nurture their families with.

5. What are some changes to the sugar-free movement or aspects of the industry that you think we will be seeing in the future?

The sugar-free movement is gaining momentum across the world, sugar tax is being introduced in most countries, and obesity is being treated as a more dangerous killer than cigarettes.

6. If any, what challenges have you experienced as a woman in business during your overall career and what one piece of advice would you give any aspiring female business leader reading this?

My biggest challenge is that I have always tried to do it all. My learning with freesweet is that you need to get the optimal team around you to create the optimal machine. That allows you to focus on your core strengths and values and trust the rest to your team with theirs.  This means letting go of control, which is scary for most of us!  So trusting your team is essential … And then it’s a flying machine!

7. Why is gender balance and having a more diverse workforce important?

Diversity and balance in all things are essential.

8. It is important that women have role models at the start of their careers. Who has been your source of inspiration and why?

My inspiration has always been an innate desire to always create more… In my life, and in the world. If we realise that we can be our own light, and turn it on, we get to be a light source for all during this brief flash of a life.