WORKSHOP ENTRY: Karen Vermeulen Portrait Illustration workshop

For those of you in Cape Town I have great news! In-person workshops are back! And for those of you not in Cape Town, scroll down, because I do have a very cheap, fun, easy online course available through Raising Brightness an online learning platform.  

OK for the Capetonians still reading, first up we have a portrait workshop on the 9th of October at The Ladder Cafe in Bree street. This workshop is for all levels, I promise! I know drawing faces can be intimidating, but trust me I have some foolproof tips and tricks for you. I’ll show you how to draw minimalist portraits as well as how to capture someone’s likeness. 

Tickets are R500 per person and that includes a cup of coffee, a pastry, art supplies and an entry into the LUCKY DRAW where you stand a chance to win an art print!


Then on the 23rd I’m repeating my Fynbos illustration workshop. This one is a favourite.
I love it, attendees love it and everyone walks out with a piece of art they are proud of. Illustrating florals is such an easy skill to pick up, anyone can do it! There will be bunches of fynbos everywhere for reference and inspiration and one lucky winner will get to take a huge bouquet of fynbos and a signed art print home with them!


For those of you not in Cape Town I have a really fun, easy basic illustration course for sale for only R150! It’s meant for kids, but honestly, everyone will enjoy it. It consists of 8 lessons and I’ll show you some fun exercises to get your creativity going and by the end of this course, you will be able to create your own quirky illustrations. Get it for your kids and draw along or just get it for yourself. You don’t need much in terms of art supplies, it’s self-paced and did I mention it’s only R150?! That’s less than $12 for those of you outside of South Africa. So no matter where in the world you are you can sharpen your pencils and learn something new! 


I’d love to hear from you. If there is a particular subject you’d like a workshop or course on, please let me know and if you’re not in Cape Town and you’d be interested in a live online workshop let me know. I’m open to ideas and suggestions. In fact, I love it. If there is enough interest I can make it happen. So please get in touch.

Also, please do me a favour and forward this email on to a friend who might be interested in attending my workshops or learning illustration online. Spread the word! It will be much appreciated!

I’m looking forward to hearing your ideas and hopefully meeting you in an upcoming workshop.

Message me your workshop idea!

In other exciting news, I will have original artwork coming to my online shop soon! Cute ceramic bear masks for nurseries and kids rooms as well as beautiful hand-painted portraits for your room! I normally work digitally so this is a rarity. These pieces will be limited so be sure to keep an eye on your inbox so as to not miss out! I’ll send out a mailer with pictures and links to shop soon. Meanwhile, I have beautiful prints up in my shop so be sure to check those out if you haven’t yet, we ship worldwide.

Take care!
Much love from Henry and I.