YouTube superstar brings deadly animals to Shelly Centre this festive season!

Whether holidaying on the KZN South Coast or looking for something different for the kids this summer, head to Shelly Centre to catch Dingo’s Wild Creatures!

Image credit: Kirsty Dinkelman

Running at the centre from 11 December 2021 to 9 January 2022, this incredible interactive animal exhibition will give children the chance to view a variety of deadly but beautiful creatures.

Dingo Dinkelman, the enigmatic South African conservationist and YouTube sensation, has put together an interactive and informative display that gives youngsters a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to (safely!) meet local and indigenous wild animals.

These include snappy crocodilians, creepy crawly spiders, lazy lizards, fearsome black mambas and the world’s deadliest snake, the inland taipan. For the older kids looking for an adrenaline-inducing experience, there’s also the Tunnel of Fear – not for the faint-hearted! Catch all the action at Dingo’s Wild Creatures hosted by Shelly Centre this summer holiday season.

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