Excitement mounts for first-ever Cape Town-hosted Organic and Natural Products expo

Cape Town will celebrate a first for the province with the hosting of the Organic and Natural Products expo just a week away.  From 26 to 28 April, the Cape Town International Convention Centre will play host to more than 100 exhibitors showcasing innovations. From new products to activations, demonstrations and trials, the expo takes engagement to a whole new level.

In order to make a visit to the expo affordable to as many members of the public as possible, the R100 entry fee can be halved to R50 by pre-purchasing tickets at https://www.ees.events/OrganicAndNatural/TicketSales.aspx or at the gate using a Standard bank card. Standard bank card holders will also receive a free Holistica magazine valued at R150.

“We are delighted to welcome a diverse range of exhibitors with special acknowledgement to the Cape Town local industry, as well as exhibitors from other provinces,” he adds.

Do the taste test
Prepare for some taste sensations with Jehama’s range of vegan foods including flavoured butters and spreads, with onsite cooking for a sensuous explosion.

For tea sampling, there is Bulukutu Tea, Two In a Bush Rooibos Cordials and a new range from Akan Maringa with discounts, prizes and gifts from R1 200 to R 2 000 on offer. For chocoholics there are the Bean to Bar chocolate slabs and spreads, so indulge.

On the farming front, meet Bruce and Alison Gilson who run Tierhoek Organic Farm to learn about organic farming, backed by 25 years of experience in the Robertson Valley.

Brackenfell-based Seeds for Life, a small emerging urban farm that grows vegetables, and microgreens with sales in seedlings and organic fertiliser will run various specials at the expo. 

Don’t miss the three-part lucky draw from Mushroom Guru.

Skin and beauty
Haylo Botanicals’ award-winning locally sourced and manufactured body and face oils will be on show. Says founder Wendy Viola, “The global increase in demand for face oils has created opportunities for indie brands, as consumers are looking for natural, plant-based formulations with active ingredients that work.”

Another oil-derived product comes from Enough. The company will launch its Blue Light Elixir, a breakthrough skincare solution designed to shield against the ageing effects of blue light exposure.

Beauty bonanza
Earthleaf Group will launch skincare, wellness, homecare, bath care and pet care products that contain kelp, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) or cannabidiol (CBD) supported by on-demand talks. The first five customers will receive one item free.

Vuvu Organic Beauty, another skincare innovator, is launching Acne Away rose serum, coffee scrub, hair growth oil, miracle hairline oil, carrot glow oil, turmeric clay mask powder and raw shea butter. Make sure you stand in line for a hand and foot massage to experience Vuvu products.

Imaan Luxury Organics will display its comprehensive range of products carefully crafted to heal and rejuvenate your cells. Household products in the range offer a natural and effective way to maintain a healthy living environment.

Powder to the people
Made in Africa Cosmetics will showcase its revolutionary range of 100% biodegradable powder cosmetics. “This new line represents a milestone in our commitment to sustainability and eco-conscious beauty solutions,” says sales director Babalwa Totongwana.

Sun power cannot be underestimated, and Zero BS has just the answer, with its ultimate sun protection Zero BS Shade 40 all-natural sunscreen, crafted from “our 100% free range- grass-fed Tallow,” says creator Warren Wilensky.

Dietary support
Vimergy is a US brand that provides high-quality health supplements to support overall well-being, offering a range of supplements in powder, liquid, and capsule forms. Free offers include samples plus a 25% discount for the starter pack.

Be sure to stop at the Woodgar exhibit to learn more about the key ingredient pyroligneous, an organic acid made by capturing the smoke produced in the pyrolysis process (burning of charcoal) and refining the captured liquid (raw pyroligneous acid) into a usable concentrate for plants. This is one of a range of innovative outdoor products on show.  Look out for show specials and samples.

Cross your T’s and dot your I’s
The industry cannot survive without protocol and compliance and Ecocert will be at the expo to provide education and advice.

“We have pulled out all the stops to ensure exhibitors and visitors have meaningful engagements and get to enjoy the best of what the Organics and Natural Products Expo has to offer, “ Thomsons concludes.

For more details on the show visit https://www.organicandnaturalportal.com/expo/

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