In this issue, we show some tender love and care for our own skin as we look at IPL treatment for sun damaged skin. We try out BODYROLL – a lymphatic drainage and recovery therapy new to our shores, and look at what happens when good inflammation goes bad. We examine indoor air quality and how this impacts your health and count down 10 reasons why you shouldn’t think twice about going dairy-free. We explore the wonders of water, the vital nutrient of which you probably need more of and give you the lowdown on orthodontics for children. We enjoy some delicious food from Lucy Tweed’s wildly entertaining and practical cookbook, Every Night of the Week and meander along the magical Klein River aboard the delightful Lady Stanford. We also go on an adventure in the Kingdom of Morocco – a place to dream. And bring love into your home with the leftovers of nature and second-hand treasures, we show you how and so much more within this issue.

Grab your copy or your tablet, sit back, and enjoy!


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