Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness

5 Signs of Vitamin B12 Deficiency That May Deceive You

Vitamin B12 is a crucial nutrient that supports various bodily functions, including maintaining a healthy nervous system, DNA synthesis, and energy production. However, its deficiency can often go unnoticed due to the subtle and deceptive


Drinks survey reveals Rooibos as a top choice among SA men

A national survey, released during Men’s Health Month, unveils fascinating insights into the beverage preferences of South African men. Conducted among more than 700 respondents, the survey captures the nuances of beverage choices among men

Health & Wellness

Nature’s pharmacy for relieving headaches

The vast majority of people experience headaches, and just because they are really common neurological disorders doesn’t mean they don’t have a big impact.   Headaches can be disruptive and are a major cause of missed

Health & Wellness

Nex Playground is here to make movement fun

Video games have a poor reputation when it comes to physical health, but the advent of motion games has changed that impression. Nex Playground brings motion games into the modern era with an all-new active

Health & Wellness

Swiping our way to a TB-free future, this World Health Day

As the world commemorates World Health Day on 7 April, diseases that claim the lives of thousands annually are a major focus. Worldwide, tuberculosis (TB) remains a significant health challenge. According to the 2023 Global

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