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Get the balance back in your relationship

Supporting individual identity to be stronger together Shifts in workplace environments matched with the need to downsize or cut back on personal expenses have led to many couples spending more time at home and in

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During the extraordinary process of creating and nurturing a new life, a woman’s body and skin may experience various effects of the endocrinological, immunological, metabolic, and vascular changes. Hormones play a particularly significant role in

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How to support and celebrate women in philanthropy

Women’s Month is a time to celebrate and recognise the achievements of women, but also an opportunity to take note of how to support them in their endeavours. More so when it’s women who have

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A Mermaid’s Tale

Freediver BETH NEALE is living out her childhood dreams of being a mermaid while championing the cause for ocean conservation – with her little water baby daughter by her side. BY WANITA NICOLLOCATION THE TWO

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When women celebrate each other they shine brighter 

When women come together to share knowledge, celebrate each other’s accomplishments and uplift each other amazing things can happen. August marks Women’s Month in South Africa, a time when we marvel at how far women

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Working parents need all the support they can get to keep their livelihoods on track while raising families. This is most especially true for parents with a new baby. One of the biggest challenges parents

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Six tips to help baby sleep at night

A baby that hardly sleeps is never easy for parents, especially since there is no way for them to know why this is happening. “Over exhaustion, for both baby and parents, plus being new to