Breaking stereotypes in the skincare industry – the importance of men’s self-care routines

As Father’s Day approaches on the 16th of June, it’s an opportune moment to reflect on the evolving perspectives surrounding men’s skincare and the industry. “Traditionally, skincare has been perceived as a predominantly female concern, but this narrative is rapidly changing,” says Ruan Winter, Vitaderm marketing manager. “Men are increasingly recognising the importance of skincare, breaking long-held stereotypes, and embracing self-care routines. This shift not only promotes healthier skin but also challenges and redefines societal norms around masculinity and beauty.”

In recent years, there has been a significant rise in the awareness and adoption of skincare routines among men. This shift is driven by multiple factors, including the increasing availability of information on skincare, the influence of social media, and the recognition of the benefits of good skincare practices. “Just like women, men are realising that taking care of their skin is essential for maintaining overall health and well-being,” Winter adds.

Below, he shares some of the health benefits of proper skincare for men:

  • Preventing skin problems: Regular skincare can prevent a host of skin issues such as acne, dryness, and irritation. Men, due to higher testosterone levels, often have oilier skin which can lead to clogged pores and breakouts. A proper skincare routine can help manage these issues effectively.
  • Anti-ageing benefits: Skincare is not just about addressing immediate concerns but also about long-term benefits. Using products like moisturisers and sunscreens can significantly slow down the ageing process, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Vitaderm’s Ultra-Light Moisture Cream is a light-textured emulsion and is easily absorbed into the skin. It effectively balances skin sebum production and offers soothing and healing properties. Plus, it’s great as an aftershave.
  • Improved confidence: Clear and healthy skin can enhance self-esteem and confidence. When men feel good about their appearance, it positively impacts their social and professional lives.

The beauty industry has traditionally been marketed towards women, reinforcing the stereotype that skincare and beauty products are not masculine. However, this narrative is changing:

  • Celebrity influence: Male celebrities and influencers openly discussing their skincare routines have also played a crucial role in breaking down these stereotypes. Their endorsement helps demystify skincare and make it more acceptable and even desirable for men.
  • Products: There are now plenty of products that men can use on their skin, ensuring the most effective care. Vitaderm’s Mild Gel Cleanser contains sandalwood, lavender and petitgrain extracts and effectively cleanses even the most sensitive skin without stripping the epidermis. The product doesn’t contain any sodium lauryl sulphate, but rather a plant-based foaming agent known as saponaria extract. Their Skin Polishing Cream incorporates ultra-fine apricot kernel powder to polish the surface of the skin while the volcanic ash content detoxifies from deep within for noticeably smoother, healthier skin. A 2-in-1 granular exfoliator and detoxifying masque that provides a deep cleansing action.

Father’s Day is a perfect occasion to encourage fathers, grandfathers, and father figures to take time for self-care and indulge in skincare routines. It’s an opportunity to gift them skincare products and introduce them to the benefits of maintaining healthy skin. By doing so, we not only promote their health and well-being but also support the ongoing effort to break down gender stereotypes in the industry.

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